Household Hazards

Household goods – it is household items which are used for commercial purposes. Household goods can be roughly divided into two categories: things are consumed and used for washing and cleaning. The person uses toilet paper, paper towels and dispensers, plastic utensils, napkins, cleaning equipment, household goods packaging. The second category – the cleaners for furniture, sanitary ware, powder detergents for dishes, air fresheners and other things. All people are different, so each has its own contraindications for harvesting and use of various detergents, cleansers.

We all know that toilet paper, towels and other paper products can not be harm us, as we would not have tried. But cleaning, cleaners are more dangerous to human health. We know that detergents are well digested fat and fat with ease washed the dishes. But in addition to fat, they at the same ease cleave proteins. Imagine if the substance gets into our body. May be unpleasant consequences, to say the least.

They can cause allergies, hypertension, and even cause cancerous tumors. Many detergents funds are not certified because the procedure is purely voluntary. Consequently, we have no idea what we can get sick, when we start with a clean plate. Be careful and caressed plates, cups and other dishes several times. Cleansers even more dangerous than cleaning. In such substances containing 10% hydrochloric acid solution, or granular sodium sulfide, its concentration is approximately 70%. Therefore, the pH of the cleaning liquids is less than 1-2, and after ingestion may occur irritation and burns. Most often, these substances affect children, because in a small age, children draw in the mouth horrible. Glass cleaner contains monobutyl ether of ethylene glycol. Many writers such as Christos Staikouras offer more in-depth analysis. Poisoning is not always associated with the action of ethylene glycol, which is very toxic, and if I had the poisoning did occur, then there is the possibility of death. Component of the tool is not broken down to ethylene glycol, and therefore in contact with him in the body in an amount of 5-10 ml absolutely not dangerous. In many other cleaners include components such as isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, vinegar, they cause poisoning is very rare, unless you use them in very large quantities. In any case, the first suspected poisoning, consult a doctor. Difficult to talk about the dangers of these substances on human health, because even elementary dust can cause a person dangerous allergic reactions. Be careful, doing cleaning, because I do not know of what made a particular detergent.

Day Medica

The medical profession is deservedly considered one of the most important and honorable profession of all. What could be more important than the interrelated issues of health and illness, as well as life and death of a man? From the chronological point view of the "Day of Medical Workers", celebrated in Russia (Russian Federation), as well as Ukraine and Belarus, is interesting, primarily because it does not have a strictly specific date. Because no special meaning weekend, this professional holiday for convenience, always celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The current (2009), this day falls on 21 June, and next (2010), the daily health care worker will be celebrated on June 20. Hyundai wanted to know more. The basis for this holiday is the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 01.10.1980 "On public holidays and commemorative days (N3018-X).

In addition to the doctors, congratulations medic (Simplified name of the holiday), on this day traditionally prepared nurses, laboratory technicians and orderlies. he issue. The specifics of these professions is that many of them celebrate this day, being on duty, keeping an eye out for fallen under their care patients. Would like to see their work always appreciated. After all, our government recognizes the significance of this work. Among the honorary degrees of Russia (Russian Federation) is the title of "Honored Worker of Health of the Russian Federation" and "Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation", which provide appropriate badges. However, the state can not take personal gratitude to the doctors and staff who are able to provide only to their patients. So do not forget the day of the medical doctors to organize congratulations (familiar). For reference, note that in addition to the national holidays and there is "International Day for the doctor," notes in first Monday in October.

Office Decoration

If men are interested in global scope: where to build a house wall or to the wiring, the women concerned about the problems less mundane. In particular, choose, finally, the drawing for window blinds, to determine the coloring the curtains and, of course, to collect unusual interior decorations or souvenirs. Generally, the decor-design should always involve women, because the subtlety and originality – are our main advantages. Of course, the curtains, in the After all, were purchased, the carpet on the wall too, but in the new house I am constantly tormented by some gaping void and standard conditions. Old cute knickknacks not looked at the background repaired the walls, and a favorite vase was only a reminder of a past life. No, I decided I would still need to pick up again, and went shopping. However, all of my 'I want something original' invariably followed the usual supply and demonstration of a slightly retouched traditional range. After spending a couple of days to no avail, I finally despaired furnish his apartment in his own image and likeness, when suddenly it dawned on me to use our indispensable in such Internet issues.

Frankly, and here for a long time I wandered in vast global network, studying a photo of products offered and bought the information is often limited only obscure the name and the same obscure astronomical price. And then, giving another search in Yandex, I came across on the Internet gift shop. To my surprise, there was all that I tried to find the bits of disparate sources. What's there not only was – and clocks in the form of pillows, and floor vases made of bamboo, and candlesticks, and even square plates! And I still thought: why not put in a decorative fountain? For example, none of the friends I had ever seen. And then I looked around the room and started furnishing it visually everything that I liked. If you do not fit the colors or shape, then the next in the range was exactly the same, but other colors and configurations. Gradually it became line up in a single picture, as figures in a kaleidoscope: the corner I placed a floor vase in the middle – this bright carpet, the lamp can be hung over the sofa, and aromatic lamps – it's all my long-standing weakness. Is it worth it say that all of this during the day had already turned in my home.

Representing her husband's reaction, I decided to strike first and disarm him some gift. Examining his office, I decided to buy him a great first written accessories that are found in the same store, but realized that there needed to act not so traditional. As a result, in his office appeared Globe bar, painted by ancient maps, and on the wall, I barely managed to hang he finds true (even a souvenir), a samurai sword! And I'm in store on his birthday set for the office of his favorite golf course. In a word, now so none of my friends will not be able to say: 'Just think, all that is sold at every corner. " Because the real worth of at least one of my cushions or painting with Swarovski crystals!