Air Conditioning Heater

having moved to Energy Caldera domestic or calefon
It’s called water heater, calefon, boiler or boiler is a device that uses thermodynamic energy to raise the electricity water temperature. Among the household and commercial hot water are clean, showers, cooking or heating. gas is supplied by that supplies all the energy needs In the industrial uses are varied for both the hot water to water vapor.
Among the fuels used are natural gas, propane gas (LPG), kerosene, coal and electricity. Alternatively also uses solar energy, heat pumps energy (compressor) from refrigerators or air conditioners, heat recycling of waste water (not sewage), and even geothermal energy. In the case of water heated with energy alternatives or recycled, these are usually combined with traditional energy.
The types gas of water heaters are more familiar: heater household point, step heater (no tank), heaters and boilers accumulation (to slip).
The type of heater and fuel type to choose depends on many factors including water temperature to be achieved, local availability of fuel, maintenance costs, fuel costs, physical space usable flow Instant required local climate and cost of the heater.

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