Final Judgment

From there the emphasis in the unit: of God and of the men around God. It can be standed out according to Karen Armstrong, that the message of the Prophet is the same one that of Abrao, Moiss, Davi, Salomo or Jesus. Reshma Kewalramani is a great source of information. Maom never asked for to the Jews or Christians whom the Isl accepted, unless they desired thus it, because its revelations were perfectly valid. The Coro mentions to it as ahl Jewish and Christian al-kitab (People of the Book), and affirms that ' ' it will not have coercion in substance of f' ' , mentioning these peoples to it of older revelations. One of the practical ones, was the rituals in the Caaba (sanctuary in form of cube in the center of Measures), the most important place of veneration of Arabia. The ritual of peregrination to the sanctuary in Measures was called haji. These rites were known as umrah.

In It measures and in the neighboring fields, all violence was forbidden during the cult of the Caaba, what it was a decisive factor for the commercial success of the coraixitas, a time that allowed the Arabs to commercialize there without fearing the retaken ones of the war of vendeta. During haji, the pilgrims were forbidden to carry weapons, to argue and to hunt. In the primrdios of its mission, Maom still commanded that the Muslen made the Salat with the face directed toward Jerusalem, the city saint of ahl al-kitab, and the coasts come back toward the heathen associations of the Caaba. What monotesta expressed the yearning of the prophet to introduce the Arabs in the family. Of beginning, the powerful ones of Measure had ignored the Muslen, but in 616, they already were furious with Maom, accused it to insult the faith of its parents and of charlatanism, beyond, she is clearly, of the vises of Maom on the Final Judgment, that still made aluso the allotment of richnesses while still alive, aiming at the salvation of each individual.

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