As banks have taken advantage of the Spanish financial ignorance

Unlike what happens in Anglo-Saxon countries, the only financial culture in Spain is to have a property to private equity property. This helps the banks themselves that have been interested customers to work from dawn to dusk to pay their home, which will benefit in the form of interest. Furthermore, Spanish is concerned only today without planning for future situations and impossible to avoid, such as retirement, unemployment, a death or serious health problems. To change finance this, there is much to do, at least among our unsecured loan loved ones and banks are not going to help. These entities have (or at least have had so far) a marketing system consisting of many geographically dispersed branch offices in many key towns, where there are very few people, usually a director, a cash and little else and aims to sell what will mark its center. Captan clients when a neighbor commercial loan goes to the branch closest to your home to borrow money, whether personal or mortgage. If the branch see possibilities in the operation, you will always make good conditions to be linked with the entity: Domiciliacion payroll, sba loan credit cards and debit cards, direct debit receipts, .. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is is a Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital . and life insurance ‘Of course ,…” but you pay the minimum … ” without the bank to advise him commercial business loans that safeguards should ensure. With pension plans is the same. They do not analyze customer needs and they make a contribution of money with no idea where he invests, INCREIBLE! . With personal loans is the same. Linking to change the loan to give more or less reasonable prices. Another way to attract customers is with fixed deadlines and impositions in return for dinner. Why not financing explain that it is gaining real money is the bank client’s money ‘and about the importance of life insurance, maybe this video make you think. “v BbenIuKhqcM

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