‘ How can we do justice to the girl Katia Miranda, for the companion Gustavo Marcelo Rivera Prieto Garcia for the murder of the Serrano sisters, the priest Quintanilla and honest journalists of Radio Victoria , if the prosecution is left to Astor Escalante ‘Definitely, the problem with the delaying tactics of the’ perrones’ who control the Legislature, may by no means regarded commercial business loans politician, is the opposite parties as organized crime are concerned only legally and judicially protected under the “coverage” that provides the institutional entity that is responsible for prosecuting crime, namely the Attorney General de la Republica (FGR). “200 thousand dollars a month is paid for the cave where thieves and alijan such bills have passed by over 70 thousand dollars in spending on ornamentals. They can go to hell sand and this class children ‘.. ‘As a result of the crisis of power within the ARENA party, Astor Escalante became the piece’ key ‘to trying to cover up the organized crime activities of the parties of the Salvadoran right. The previous fiscal Safie Garrie Felix had already ceased to be an element of trust for big business and politics all right. The significance of Safie, comes out of his brazen public corruption when he was director of the National Registration Center and was unsustainable as well, the role of ‘concealment’ in the murder of the girl Katia Miranda, for their involvement in corruption linked to the monthly rent of over 250 thousand of the building occupied by the prosecution and is owned by his family, his omissions in commercial loan the investigation of the band ‘the perrones’ and, by their schemes designed to promote with’ empty ‘of legal proceedings, the recent capture of his cousin who was captured in Colonia Escalon with 5 kilograms of cocaine valued at 125 thousand dollars, and so on. “In this context, the State Prosecution in the hands of strategic Astor Escalante is a cover for organized crime and corruption scandals and scams to the state. For example, when it came to pass the assassination of the leader of ARENA, Adolfo “El Chele Torres, to block the intention sba loan to intensify the research around this shady character and that could lead to clarify the ‘bowels’ of the military structures of the armies of Death operating clandestinely under the cover of ‘private security’, Astor Escalante hasten to ‘close’ the case with the financing ‘opinion’ that ‘Chele Torres had just taken the’ decision ‘to commit suicide. Astor Escalante Why not order the immediate private equity intervention of the company SERCONSE involved finance in scams to the state and store large quantities of weapons of unsecured loan war “Obviously, Astor Escalante will ever do it as their ‘masters’, parties organized crime (ARENA, PCN and PDC), need for having an absolute impunity control and handling the lead agency for research in the country (FGR).

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