One already found out? No, still no, of what thing? Of the prize. Prize? To whom they occurred it? I do not know, for that reason it asked. Then hopefully that has still not granted it. And if they already granted it? I say a thing, to Him deserves it to nobody, no has made merits sufficient, it does not create? I do not know, perhaps but there is some. Meet you somebody? He will not be trying to influence? What makes think him about that? Its interest in knowledge gained that it. You were the one that asked, the prizes have to me without care. It would like to have one? You think that they give it to me? Why no? He can gain it to anyone.

He is saying that I am anyone? No, for nothing, but wait for you who occur it? As it said to him, the prizes have perhaps to me if care, but wants it to me to give, is I deserve because it. Perhaps Good, are others deserve also it. Now is to me underestimating, it thinks that the others are better than I? the truth, I do not know them all. I fodder that you do not want that they give the prize me. It has envy to me, truth? Clear that no, I believe that is time question so that they occur it. In fact does not matter, already I said to him, has to me without care. That good, does well, like that always they walk it asking, I am not glad that you are not thus. the work and humility, first of all. Mire, is the news here, already gave the prize. How? They occurred him! It cannot be! Fluffy Marito original Author and source of the article.

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