Universal Bending Machine

Bending Machine Model EGS-6 ('MEM-3101') refers to a group of equipment for flexible pipes and long products, is a versatile, multi-functional machine rotary type. The design of the machine is made by modular scheme. The main module – the base machine is a power unit, power module, which contains various replacement process modules that perform a variety of bending-of rolling operations, depending on destination. Such a scheme of construction equipment is the most progressive. Shifts Modules multifunction machine. Design features Each module can be used in a wide range of cross sections and radii of the bend – it provides versatility machine. Power module is equipped with a power unit and electrical equipment, as well as has an electronic workflow management flexible.

Depending on the cross sections and the bending radius is selected process module for performing a given operation. The main advantages Pipe bending machines: 1 – the possibility of using the machine to perform a variety of bending operations by shifting production tools, and 2 – the ability to control the machine in manual and automatic modes, and in automatic bending process is carried out with an electronic control for a given program, 3 – machine is equipped with dynamic braking of the main drive, 4 – technological modules are equipped with actuators for automatic positioning of rollers during the manufacturing process of bending operations, 5 – the ability to control the machine from the console and elektropedalyami 6 – bending is produced in the horizontal plane, while coiling coils, the vertical axis, and 7 – the machine requires no special training base, it is installed on any hard surface. Brief information about the process modules. 1.1. Process module number 1 Tube bending machine is designed for flexible pipes and rolled by running around the bending roller pattern (pads) in a cold state.

The module is used for bending pipes with a ratio of outer diameter to thickness wall less than 20, while bending radius corresponds to 3 5 pipe diameters. Comes with pads and rollers for flexible water and gas pipes in the range of 3 / 8 ", 1 / 2", 3 / 4 ', 1', 1 ', 1 ', 2 ', with a bending radius of 35 to 250 mm on the inner wall pipe. Bending performed in a horizontal plane. On special request made kits for bending round tubes of different sections, shaped tubes and a variety of rolled steel, nonferrous metals and alloys in the range technical capabilities of the module. The machine is equipped with a module number 1 is denoted by – 'MMP-Z101'- a separate module number 1 – MMP-3101.01.000. The remaining information on the machines range UGS-6, equipped with various modules, refer to: Part 2 – Flantsegibochny machine STD-94U ('MMP-3101'- 2) Part 3 – Universal Bending Machine ("MMP-3101'- 3) for the spiral-ring pipe bending.

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