Best Class

As a general rule be It is located in the back seat. It reaches the class when it has begun, creating discomfort for his disruption. It does bear because you question things that have answered during the course of the class (when it was absent). On occasions is it appears only when there are assessment, passed this, returns to disappear. Running against time in his eagerness to get the title and holds have before time; It is that they are thinking of ask for salary increase at the company for which works because it believes a professional. It is not nothing modest and seeks to learn all that he is a doctor. He speaks more than a crier and passes asking questions outputs of tone in the least appropriate moments. At all times it is intervening and contradicting, insists repeatedly with the same, until the teacher ends up ignoring it.

There is no clarity in the concepts, is difficult to understand situations of a technical nature. Improvised often, speaks many things that neither code of ethics of college student 73 _ he even understands, is a poor imitation of cantinflas and their academic grades are not exactly the best. When there is no class jumps of joy, as mico in tree, because you can go home or stay in the classroom doing circles to dialogue with peers of all, less than study. If the result that throws the test matches that which is here exposed: don’t be alarmed, nobody has put it in evidence; It is possible that it is in transition to get to have a dinosaur brain. Well, if it reflects and makes an act of contrition is promising that it will change, it is now possible to postpone that moment. But if it matches the behaviours presented by more than 70%, start to worry because the only thing that detracts is changing the figure to be equal to a dinosaur; in this case advised find partner and make sure that it is going to be a good professional, or go where a psychologist that remove you the obsession with dinosaurs and decide to change by other species of wildlife.

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