Every time we are more connected, but in turn communicated with each other less. We must rethink our relationship with the book and reading, especially in academic circles who believe that the problem of education and that the causes of our backwardness are in lack of technological means, but they alone will not solve the problems that our country and the world need to be resolved. It’s back view and ask ourselves what is and what does mean a book, and the Act of reading is its role in our personal and social lives, but we are not talking about lazy reading, disrupts that read by obligation, or to prove that we are a day or that we master this or that topic or author, but reading as a unique and transformative experience. All experience is an unexpected character and according to its intensity puts in motion and tension all our being, and thus our thoughts, but it remains empty if you do not have a living experience. All experience is active, i.e. made with everything what one is and has, and therefore is modifier, so any new content experience is the subject of expression and language. As well, the encounter with a person can modify our behavior or our ideas, the same happens with the book. There are many stories that we know about how the reading of certain author put in crisis the life of many readers.

Recall how the reading of Plato, Goethe, Spinoza, or Nietzsche, have disrupted the lives of many people, especially young. The experience is why something in that experience, thinking and interpretation, the past, the present and the expectation of future come together. Why actual experiences are neither objective nor subjective, but they are a reality offering, and here is your character unique and non-transferable. The experience of attending a concert is always different and bring different reactions.

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