Biography Chelan

Biography Chelan was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He started acting at the tender age of eight, when she landed her first role in It, by Stephen King. Since then he has starred in films Caved In, Monster Island (MTV), Dark and you Snakehead Terror (SciFi). The Dr.Dolittle we saw recently in 3 and John Tucker Must Die (FOX), where he shares screen with Jesse Matcalfe and Ashanti. Carrie has participated telefilms, Ratz and The Susan Wilson Story and has had leading roles in the series Now That (MTV), Smallville (WB) and Edgemont (CBC). He has been guest artist in The Collector and Wonderfolls. Soon we will see in Chil Wind, produced by George Clooney. She played Ashley Freund in Final Destination 3 as a girl interested in fashion and boys, killing her friend Ashlyn (Crystal Lowe).

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