The surgeon at

The surgeon at the time of Cervantes Cervantes At times, in the sixteenth century, when his father, Don Rodrigo de Cervantes, (surgeon), he moved to Valladolid to “try their luck away from gossip,” the office of surgeon was clearly differentiated according to surveys. There were surgeons and surgeons share academia. Share Surgeons were so many attorneys in Cortes agreed to launch a pragmatic about the order to be taken into consideration of Physicians, Surgeons and Apothecaries because the kingdom is filled with people who heal, lack of Lyrics and experience, in marked injury and damage to their subjects and natural. The competition was tough and the work was too divided, so that this type of retribution surgeons earned just enough to eat. They also had to pay four gold crowns as the right to exercise the surgery. His wisdom came from the “school of life.”They used to take his service a servant who took care to accompany them on visits to the sick and bring the leather bag with the instrumental. In this company the surgeon made his rounds of the same, always on foot because the use of cavalry was forbidden and reserved for surgeons performing career. Could plasters, poultices applied ie, a kind of plaster, plastering or put plasters, which were a glutinous drugs ranging over a cloth and applied to the body and could do minor surgery. Academic surgeons had passed through the University or by the General Studies and had reached the degree of doctor of medicine. They were entitled to use the equine transport. In “The Dialogue of the dogs,” Cervantes makes a harsh reflection on the abundance of medical students at the university. In the year 1604 a total of 50,000 students and 2,000 are in Medicine.

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