Many novice builders or new entrants supplying construction firms, be sure to ask the question, how to live builders, installers and foremen in order. area? Of course there is an option to put large military tents, but this does not solve the problem. And if a strong wind, heavy rain, the temperature of -30. The solution to this problem at one time was the development of experimental mechanical plant in the town of Pestovo, in the Novgorod region. Engineers came up from the usual sea-container unit, the unit container specially designed for operation.

sites and for temporary residence in almost any climate. Maybe someone saw the ports are the containers in 3-4 rows. And now you can block the construction of conventional container construction unit of knowledge, to build shift camps, to connect them in series in a few pieces to get prorabskie and headquarters building. Many builders call it the cabins, Sheds, construction site, but the correct name, unit or building block of container container. Here I present to you a detailed description and use of this product. Block-container is building a mobile weighing 2.5 tons, which can easily create a comfortable living for those who are forced to live outside of home comfort.

Block-container is well insulated and designed for the outdoor temperature from +35 to -45 degrees. In Depending on the intended use of block-container, it can be fitted electrician: fixtures, outlets, automatic, power windows in the container can be set lattice, kitchen, bathroom, and even set walk-in shower, so that those who live in it and working professionals will feel right at home. In the base metal block-container has the following dimensions: Length – 6 meters Width – 2.5 meters, height – 2.5 meters. The total floor area of 15 square meters. meters. Expected lifetime of a model block-container is 20 years. Docking unit container length, width and height of which can be collected some modular buildings, with stairways, canteens and rest rooms. The design of block-container are special devices that provide reliable transportation to safe anchorages on the vehicle. Dimensions of the container permit free to carry it by road and rail transport, or even a helicopter, bringing it in any tricky areas. Structural design of the standard module allows simple installation of multiple modules in one-storey or multi-story buildings, three floors inclusive. Modular buildings can be made either with partitions, and without them. According to the customer module can be fitted with a visor elements of the facade, loft or other individual architectural elements. As the foundation is sufficient to use the gravel podsypku, concrete columns and wooden beams. Of course now on the market this stuff very much, and we also produce. Moscow has become a big construction site, carry out Pestovo not profitable, that's opening up many production in the suburbs. The average price for producers from 55 to 70 thousand, but quite well even when the manufacturer offers free shipping.

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