Sustainable building no avoiding according to expert opinion today not and in the future do not. Actually, what is sustainability in the construction industry? What is a sustainable building in concrete terms? (tdx) At the latest since the Kyoto Protocol, which entered into force in early 2005, is clear: the emission of Treibhausgasen must be reduced dramatically in the next few years, people want to get the environment even for their offspring. edge. From this necessity, in particular the construction industry has undergone a positive development. More and more designers and builders rely on energy-efficient and sustainable building, more and more homes are built according to ecological criteria, which conserves resources, saves energy and ultimately reduce emissions. But what is sustainable in this context at all? And how does a building a sustainable building? In recent years, sustainability has”become a keyword in all areas of daily life. The term basically means that Same: ensuring the quality of life of present and future generations. To achieve this goal in the long term, building material manufacturers make sure increasingly to improve the technical and environmental performance of their products.

So-called environmental product declarations form the basis for this (English: environmental products declarations, EPDs), in Germany by the Institute building and environment e.V. are issued. Environmental product declarations contain detailed information on the ecological, but also the technical characteristics of a product along the various stages in the product life cycle, from raw material extraction and manufacture about the processing and use to recycling. Core an environmental product Declaration is an eco-balance, which reveals the significant environmental impacts of the product, such as global warming potential as well as the resource and energy usage based on various metrics. Planners and builders can therefore already in the planning phase on a sensible, environmentally-friendly use of resources make sure with the holistic approach of the Is building over its entire life cycle in the foreground. In other words: It helps not much if E.g. only renewable materials used in house building, just because you think they are environmentally friendly. What matters in addition to the ecology of building materials, is above all their resistance, because a building is maintenance-free for decades, saves in addition to new resources of time and money.

As a result the balance of four factors must ensure a sustainable building: it must be economically, ecologically, technically efficient and socio-culturally appealing according to the social needs. What good is a House with a straw roof, when it is susceptible to maintenance and the residents do not feel comfortable in it, because the roof is hardly sound and heat insulation? Only when these factors are brought in line with each other, a building is really sustainable. In a special importance the longevity of the House, as it equally protects purse and the environment this. For more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST

Commission Sales

More than once I have spoken about the process of building a business on the Internet. From the definition of your passion, passing by find a profitable niche within that theme that we like and following by the range of tools needed to create the appropriate technological platform to keep the business running, and tools I am referring to creation of websites, online payment processing accounts, accounts for follow-up via Emailtechnical generation segmented traffic, etc., etc. Once apparently done we’re ready to earn money (and certainly if we are) but it happens that in addition to all this we add a very important value to substantially increase sales of that product. What is that value? What good that questions him. For more information see Robert Kiyosaki. Because look: think you have assembled a small sale of fast foods and have a certain volume of sales. To get these people that comes through your small business to invest a certain amount of money in advertising, or simply publicitas by free media that is available (if applicable).

What would happen if in addition to the promotion that you do you additionally had an army of people who also have stores of foods helping you in the advertising of your product? I guess your answer, it would be great! Why would make accurate but? Why do you think that other people might have interest in helping you advertise your product? I’ll tell you why. Further details can be found at Robert Kiyosaki, an internet resource. Because thou hast said to them that pay you money for each sale that you make through your recommendation. Just as in the physical world there are sales commissions, the Internet has completely automated tools that allow anyone to become in affiliate and earn a juicy Commission on every sale you make the owner of the product thanks to the traffic generated by the affiliate. This makes if you have a product and you’ve taken the corresponding market analysis that you want to focus on, you can find a Army of sellers who only pay if they made any sale. This makes that automatically your site or product sales letter receive much more traffic and your profits increase and also those of your affiliates. All this can make it through an affiliate program. Fortunately today, there are several companies that offer this service, some paid other free and well, I recommend an especially which is we know very well for being user of it, which is

This company not only will provide an affiliate program, but it will also give you the ability to accept online payments and manage all the accounting part of your business, movement of sales, payment to the customer, product delivery, payment to your affiliates, etc, etc. And if that was enough, everything on autopilot. You could be sleeping and still this could be happening. In short you forget all those headaches. So in summary, there are two ways in which you can sell your product. Alone or with an army helping you.


The vision: The individual bathroom planning so easy that it fits on a beer mat. This now allows the bath water NetWORK GmbH, with its concept ‘ the bath on m coasters!’. Old wood, April 8, 2010: So far the planning of a new bath was a complicated affair. In a bad show many different baths in realistic scenarios presented to the customers, but he can not buy it there. He does not receive information about the installation costs in the exhibition.

With specialist craftsmen, however, it may acquire bathroom for this, but very few have an own exhibition. This little customer-friendly starting point now fundamentally changes the bath water network GmbH. She designed a special terminal that integrates well in the bathroom exhibition. It consists of a table in dark wood design, a 24 “monitor and a clever Base cabinet. From a built-in refrigerator, fresh beer of the marketing partners or non-alcoholic drinks are served the customer on request. Hyundai has much to offer in this field.

From the Terminal control Consultants and customers a Web-based application. It allows it to plan a complete bathroom in about 30 minutes. When planning, the name of the concept is the bath on’m coasters!” Program. The outlines and components of the bathroom are first sketched on a beer mat. Then the seller goes through step by step a questionnaire with the customer. While they answer questions such as: when was the building built? “, on which floor is the bathroom?” and what are the dimensions of the bath? “.” On the basis of the information so provided, a computer program created the cost estimate for the renovation. So, the customer leaves the bath exhibition with a good idea of what his wish bad will cost. Meanwhile, the planning documents be transmitted electronically to the artisans of the confidence of the customers. If the customer has no favorite craftsman, is the job rotation principle to a participating specialist craftsmen from the region. The appointment within two working days a before place with the customer and creates a final offer. This includes the cost of the bathroom, installation, and the tile, painting, electrical and carpentry works then. The bad on’m coasters!”is an innovative and easy way to plan a bathroom! The bath water NetWORK: The bath water NetWORK GmbH is a cooperation of two master craftsmen Frank Dieter Giske and Christoph Laloi with the Kiel IT-Systemhaus NetUSE AG. Other partners are the advertising agency creative agent from Kiel and the Warsteiner brewery.


Many novice builders or new entrants supplying construction firms, be sure to ask the question, how to live builders, installers and foremen in order. area? Of course there is an option to put large military tents, but this does not solve the problem. And if a strong wind, heavy rain, the temperature of -30. The solution to this problem at one time was the development of experimental mechanical plant in the town of Pestovo, in the Novgorod region. Engineers came up from the usual sea-container unit, the unit container specially designed for operation.

sites and for temporary residence in almost any climate. Maybe someone saw the ports are the containers in 3-4 rows. And now you can block the construction of conventional container construction unit of knowledge, to build shift camps, to connect them in series in a few pieces to get prorabskie and headquarters building. Many builders call it the cabins, Sheds, construction site, but the correct name, unit or building block of container container. Here I present to you a detailed description and use of this product. Block-container is building a mobile weighing 2.5 tons, which can easily create a comfortable living for those who are forced to live outside of home comfort.

Block-container is well insulated and designed for the outdoor temperature from +35 to -45 degrees. In Depending on the intended use of block-container, it can be fitted electrician: fixtures, outlets, automatic, power windows in the container can be set lattice, kitchen, bathroom, and even set walk-in shower, so that those who live in it and working professionals will feel right at home. In the base metal block-container has the following dimensions: Length – 6 meters Width – 2.5 meters, height – 2.5 meters. The total floor area of 15 square meters. meters. Expected lifetime of a model block-container is 20 years. Docking unit container length, width and height of which can be collected some modular buildings, with stairways, canteens and rest rooms. The design of block-container are special devices that provide reliable transportation to safe anchorages on the vehicle. Dimensions of the container permit free to carry it by road and rail transport, or even a helicopter, bringing it in any tricky areas. Structural design of the standard module allows simple installation of multiple modules in one-storey or multi-story buildings, three floors inclusive. Modular buildings can be made either with partitions, and without them. According to the customer module can be fitted with a visor elements of the facade, loft or other individual architectural elements. As the foundation is sufficient to use the gravel podsypku, concrete columns and wooden beams. Of course now on the market this stuff very much, and we also produce. Moscow has become a big construction site, carry out Pestovo not profitable, that's opening up many production in the suburbs. The average price for producers from 55 to 70 thousand, but quite well even when the manufacturer offers free shipping.