Business Negotiations

If we talk about business, both as a company, a company, a sole proprietorship, at some point we will start negotiations. And although in truth in our daily dealings with people are also often negotiate something or other, one way or another, I will refer here only to trading on the business side which is what interests us. But that is the negotiation? As a first step I must say it is a process involving two or more parties are seeking a solution, to reach an agreement or resolving differences, whether monetary or personal, seeking mutual benefit, or results that leave under the parties involved. Skilled negotiators handle two forms of negotiation, one of those ways is to (win – lose) and the other way is to (win – win), in the first, the negotiator tries to get the best possible advantage for his party with the logical consequence of the relationship, business or personal, is very poor because the other part is that because of losing. While the second option, both parties gain, in some way, one benefit of this way are both satisfied without the need to damage the relationship.

Addressing a negotiation requires preparation, have well defined the “far” or that is the maximum and minimum set by the top of our assignment, and once to know, do not deviate from that perspective in the course of negotiation . In short, be very sure that is what is going to negotiate and how far we can go. Professional negotiators say that a prolonged negotiation is very stressful, so it is recommended to have all points, variants or fully evaluated possibilities to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, and is no stranger to keep in mind that old saying : a bad deal is better than a good lawsuit. It is not good present for a negotiation where time plays against us, because all you need to know the other hand, is just that, and from there as it takes the negotiations have less chance to resist, our emergency conditions us and as time goes on but it is what we give. Presented a negotiation knowing exactly when we give and when not, it would be ideal, but not always possible to maintain this position because it depends on what you thought about the other party. You have to know that there are two things that it is advisable to always be prepared 1) Be prepared to leave, sometimes off the negotiating table is to get better terms next time. 2) Be prepared to say NO.

In order to develop fully the subject of negotiation where many items need to deploy all its components such as type of negotiation, standards, styles, advantages and disadvantages, timing, methods of approach, dialogue, gains and losses , limitations, availability, etc. To all you learn in life and also negotiate, the only drawback is that, generally, to learn to handle with ease and obtain satisfactory results, you must have gone through some negotiations with no prior experience, so you probably will have played to lose. Finally: the art of negotiation is very complex and knowledge play in it with skill, coolness and resolution is just that, an art. Although there are some who know what they do and are very confident about negotiating. Never forget that the most powerful tool in negotiation is information, and fundamental, because it is not always negotiable “must be” negotiated.

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