Giving Your Business An Internet Presence ?

Internet is an indispensable tool in business. Having a website allows you to present your company or business to an unimaginable amount of potential customers at a very low cost. Also, having your personalized email (also called corporate), gives your company a professional image and is a very effective means to communicate quickly and effectively with your customers. Whatever money or size of your business, Internet presence is important because you can have a potentially global market that is available 24 hrs. day, 365 days a year.

REGISTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME Just as the company or start your business, selected a name that identifies you in the market, to be on the Internet, you need to ensure the name of your company or business in order to identify the network. In other words you need to register the name that you use your website or your email address to identify you quickly and easily on the web. Generally a domain name refers to: The name your business or company, or the type of product or service that has your business or company Example: or develop your website in Internet, information is presented through Web pages, which are actually files that are with a programming code. However, to have a website and do not need to know how to program, because there are many simple options to build it. Before knowing the different options, we must first identify what your needs, for which we suggest you make a small list of the amount of information you would like to include, how often would you need to update the information and if necessary take your page more than just information and images (for example, having the possibility of sale of transactions). Once you have your website developed, it is necessary to have a space to store pages that form. The hosting of the pages (also called hosting) is the service through pages which are stored on a server so that they can be consulted. Note: You can develop Web site yourself or hire a professional services company.

Corporative mail address Email is a medium that allows you to receive and send messages immediately. Via e can maintain communication with your clients, advise them to send information about your products and services, and so on. Having a custom mail (also called corporate), with the name of your company or business, gives a professional image and gives a better impression to your customers. Example: Normally or to hire a hosting, our service provider offers accommodation for our corporate email. PROMOTE YOUR SITE Once you have published your web site with information relevant to the general public can follow the following recommendations to help people find your website. a) Add your site to Search Engines and Directories Internet. b) Put the URL of your site and your personal email on your business cards and in advertisements in different media that you have Internet access and the signature of your emails. c) Invite your customers and suppliers to visit your website. d) Use your creativity to attract new visitors to your website.

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