Business Plans

Without this credit, the frequency in bars and restaurants would diminish in definitive periods of the month or year. 3 PLAN Business-oriented To have knowledge regarding the chosen branch is an important part for the success of the businesses, through it the entrepreneur will know when to create expectations, where the chances appear of investments, as to identify threats, amongst others. As Dolabela (1999) is the planning of a company, where the details of the enterprise are shown, as the products/services, financial customers, infrastructure, projections, etc. Moreover, through its elaboration could be analyzed the viability of survival of the business. The business-oriented elaboration of the Plan is important for two basic reasons. First because the entrepreneur will measure the viability and the risks of the enterprise. Second, because it will make possible a communication between the entrepreneur and entrepreneurs, counting employees, investors, banks, governmental agencies and of financings business-oriented etc. So that the Plan well is elaborated are necessary that the entrepreneur or enterprising future has conscience of its ideas, expectations, objectives; must be developed considering the reality of the place where the enterprise will be fixed.

When not elaborated, the creation and survival of the enterprise are risky, causing precocious mortality. As Dolabela (2009. P. 206), the tax of mortality of new companies sufficiently are raised in the three following years to its creation? about 90% in Brazil. The causes of this precocious disappearance can be attributed, to a large extent, to the premature launching of the new product or service, placing its idealizers and financial situations undesirable and in them generating feeling of failure personal as enterprising. Between them they exist good technician, good traders, but some do not know the market well, are not made familiar to the financial management or administrative, they are not accustomed to decipher the environment partner-economic or they are not afeitos to legal and fiscal nuances.

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