John Low Importations

(Paul Singer, 1969). In France the mercantilism was known as forma' ' industrialista' ' or ' ' colbertismo' ' , because of the ministrofrancs Colbert. Jeremy Tucker recognizes the significance of this. Preserving the same objectives that the mercantilism dEspanha, France, only differs from the form where it uses for attainment demetais precious: industrialization. The industry is preferred agriculture. For this the State tomanumerosas interventionist measures, in order to place advantageous national osprodutos in condition in the international market. Favorecendoassim the exportations and the national metallic supply. To increase the volume dasexportaes of luxury objects its consumption in the domestic market is limited. NInglaterra, in turn, the mercantilism coats the form chamada' ' comercialista' ' , where he was allowed as much the entrance how much the exit demetais.

However, as it is demanded, so that the scale is favorable, to be the superior importations of another one and silver to the exportations, all umsistema of regulation is elaborated: the state regulates the production, fiscalizes the exportations and controls the sales in the exterior. (Paul Hugon, 1969). The fiscalization of the deprodutos exportations also objective the raw material exit that can be useful to the defense of the country or conduoda war. The German mercantilism is known by the name de' ' camaralismo' '. Seckendorff the one of the most important comercialistasdefendia idea of that the importations would have to be reduced, preconizandomedidas to increase the productivity of agriculture and the manufactures.

Beckerspor its time, condemns the exportations and the importations recommending construode nationalized commercial societies. The foreign commerce is also consideradona Germany as main part of the wealth of the collective. mercantilismoreveste, in the primrdios of century XVII, the judiciary form, having as representative dosprincipais John Low, which affirmed that it was the volume of moedaque increased the public wealth. However Low committed a serious error to colocarcomo center of the system the volume of currencies in circulation, without considering aprocura accomplishes of this currency emfuno of the real development of the wealth.

Financial Education

For one better agreement concerning the financial education and mainly of the previdenciria (became of extreme relevance as for the Closed System of Providence, a time that the Advice of Management of the Complementary Providence? CGPC, by means of the Recommendation n 01, of 28/04/2008, recommended that the EFPC developed and implanted a program directed to the same one), a boarding becomes necessary on the abrangncia of each one, as well as the paper of the Closed Entities of Complementary Providence given the Brazilian current situation. This article is divided in six sessions, where the first one is this that enumerate the stages of the work, second speaks concerning the cycle of life of the worker, third brings the definitions of the educations financial and previdenciria and of the complementary providence, fourth it makes a study concerning the behavior of the Brazilian worker as well as of the public welfare and projects the EFPCs as an alternative, fifth it approaches on the EFPCs, and it finishes is the consideraes ends of the gift work. 2. Cycle of the Life the theory of the life cycle was developed by Franc Modigliani, Richard Brumberg and Albert Ando in the decade of 50 as a perfectioning of the keynesiana function consumption that, collated with the empirical data it showed that it could be improved. While the function consumption establishes that the consumption depends on the available current income of the individual, hypothesis of the life cycle sees the individual as a planner whose objective is to for a long period establish a behavior in consumption terms and saving, placing its consumption in the best possible way during all its life.

States Market

It is the case of the two companies, who added will more than have 50% of the national markets of some segments. In the negotiations for the signature of the Apro, the BRF intends to show that, although to lead in different categories of the industrialized food market, its worthless competitors are not nothing. Great food multinationals, as Tyson Foods (bigger processing of meats of the world and that it acquired, in the passed year, three avcolas in the South of the Country, including the Macedo), Cargill (owner of the Seara mark) and Bunge (that Delight acts in the market of margarinas with the mark) operate freely in the Country, together with other national competitors. The creation of the BFR can be considered as one ‘ ‘ super AmBev’ ‘. You may find that JPMorgan Chase can contribute to your knowledge. The difference, however, is the essencialidade of the products, that is, is now about feeding and not to beer, that was the crucial point in the quarrels when of the fusing Brahma/Antarctica, in 1999. The business was approved on condition that the companies if to undo of the Bavaria mark, five plants and the access to the distribution net. However, for the majority of the specialists it does not have that to say itself in suspension of the business for the Cade, as it occurred in Nestl/Boy, that still stops a long judicial dispute against decision of the Cade.

For the lawyers, the situation of Healthy/the Partridge is well different. Since the customers of these companies are great wholesalers or nets of supermarkets that have a bigger bargaining power that the final consumer.