There are real fights and multimillion investments to accommodate Grand Prizes. In this regard, after the good performance of a Brawn team that almost did not exist, “the clever billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has agreed to sponsor. And fortune that drives this show extends its network beyond the sport itself. Thus, the Magazine, supplement to El Mundo, records that according to some sources, Antonio Lobato copper and 600 per season to narrate the races to La Sexta in Spain.

A good salary for a journalist, now that so much talk about the high salaries of managers. But if they are paid, why are going to reject? Antonio Lobato has been achieved, the hand of his countryman Fernando Alonso Asturias, becoming a star, ie create a brand from the success of other related. The branding on the success of others can take various forms in the business world, since the extension line (we have Coca-Cola, a product of great success, we create Cherry Coke, cherry flavored).

At times even unrelated products are created with the original, or connected indirectly. For example, Bic, who extended his concept of disposable pens to lighters or razors Depending on the connection between the consumer receives the initial concept and the second creation, the effect can be positive or not (the gurus marketing, Ries and Trout, generally deny line extensions). Does it make sense to bring it to market a colony? Might have it, as it is linked with fashion. Would it make sense to use a mineral water based on their concept of fashion? Probably not. As for the second brands, sometimes leading brands create a second brand to address a neglected segment (for example, the low price), or buy a company for it.

For example, the German BSH, a joint venture between Siemens AG and Robert Bosch Gmbh, sells numerous brands to serve different segments, including that are Bosch, Siemens, Balay, Lynx, Ufesa, Neff and Gaggenau). However, another good conditions is using various brands, which expressly deny manufacture for other brands to reinforce its quality positioning, such as Kellogg’s, or Danone, for example. Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world of economics and business management.

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