Network Marketing

Are true or not these statements can or can not be demonstrated scientifically … Well, I do not know … ‘m not a doctor. I am a business woman. That is, I can not say whether the statements are true or not. But what I can say is that the statements it makes sense to me.

And … how to transfer this principle to our business area? … that’s what I want to clarify here. ***** Notices of many of our colleagues who are on the same network marketing industry often find the following texts: “New Business Opportunity! … No Risk! … No investments! … Easy! ..

etc. etc. “But to build a successful business person needs to: – Take the risk – Invest – Move the product or service (in use, it is sold or consumed) – lends new partners and generate profits on a regular basis if you do not you agree, it means that your Network Marketing company you should do for you. But if your Network Marketing company and does all that for what and why should we pay bonuses? “By the simple fact that your name is in your database? Do not you think unlikely the same? Sorry … ehh … I do not know if I mentioned … the industry in which we move is called Network Marketing and “Network NGO” “Yes, but if we do this type of advertising we attract more people.” It may be well. But for us it is important the following: What kind of people we really want to build our team? And what kind of people we attract that kind of ads? Probably people who do not want to invest even one Euro, which does not want to learn, who do not want to risk anything, you want all given away.

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