In 1993, Amanda was trained as an actress by Arsenio Hall and Richard Pryor at a comedy camp, and started playing professionally with 7 years in an advertisement for “Nestle Crunch”. During his childhood, also appeared versions of the musicals Annie, The Secret Garden, The Music Man and The Sound of Music. After taking acting classes, became part of the cast of Nickelodeon programs Figure It Out and All that and more. In 1999 he began presenting his own show, The Amanda Show, also on Nickelodeon. This program relied on combinations of comic skits and sketches, including Amanda playing Judge Trudy and Penelope Taynt, a fan obsessed with Amanda. He made his film debut in 2002 in the film Big Fat Liar, where she played opposite Frankie Muniz. His first starring role in What a Girl Wants, in 2003.Subsequently, Bynes starred in the WB Television Network series What I Like About You and put his voice to characters in animated films Charlotte’s Web 2: Wilbur’s Great Adventure and Robots. He also co-starred in an episode of The Nightmare Room as Danielle Warner, and in Arliss as Crystal Dupree. Appeared on the cover of the July 2003 issue of Vanity Fair, alongside the most popular female stars at that time (Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Alexis Bledel, Raven-Symon , Evan Rachel Wood, the Olsen twins and Mandy Moore ). Though often compared with them, Bynes has said that “it’s like being the most popular girl in the party, although I never have been. I grew up with acne and feeling insecure. She was tall and thin. I did not feel beautiful, and the kids did not like. So I decided for comedy. ” Bynes has also indicated that his popularity among adolescents arises from the fact that” they identify more with her than with any celebrity …or whatever. ” In 2006 she starred in She’s the Man, a comedy based on Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, in the film, Amanda is disguised as her brother to enter the football team.

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