Having a strategy is to have a vision that illuminates our approach to the problem

A strategy is not a single evidence report, considerations, warnings or reflections that frame a proposal for action. Strategy is a consistent piece of thought or belief that illuminates our thinking and mobilizes our abilities. We strategy when the observation and reflection draw a vision that significantly impacts the way we address the issue or problem. Do strategy when supported by a belief that somehow anticipated by where the “target area”, an approach that we think will make a difference or somehow define a clear action. We stock our strategy when we are anticipating a veiled our purposes, sometimes with initiatives that in themselves do not envision our ultimate goal. In a communication strategy when we find an inflection point around which to base the dialogue with the consumer to be more fruitful. Therefore there is no strategy when we have not lighting a diagnosis of the situation and guide us thinking force than the processed form or intuitive shapes and structures our way of seeing it. Finding that “thought form” requires diagnosis and analysis, but also the voice of our reflections, but are mediated by the environment or inertia, always just for suggesting something that has a depth of meaning

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