Chalk Professor

Of the chalk to PowerPoint It had time where the professor was a person who wise person much thing and therefore taught. It had a time where, to teach, the professor counted on its knowledge, picture, chalk and the attention of the pupils. It had time where the pertaining to school universe was different of what it is today. But the things had moved. Sciences had evolved; the philosophies had proliferated the life perspectives and of understanding of the world, they had produced new positions in the world.

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge technologies, so wonderful had been constructed that they make in them to think that did not have a time where all different age and the technologies did not exist. But it had a time where all different age. But still well that everything moved. Better saying: still well that many revolutions had happened, bringing the conquests that had improved the world. thus we can live in a world of technological advances that in allow incredible things and facilitate our life them. It is clearly that still today the professor counts on a classroom. In many public schools still the picture and the chalk are gifts.

In some the picture started to be white and the chalk lost space for the brush, or caneto, they call as it in some regions. But this also was an advance: the writing, in the picture, can be colorful, with an alive, different coloring of that embaado of the chalk colorful and desconfortvel; moreover, the environment higienizou: it does not have plus that horrible chalk dust even so nobody comments on the possible toxicity of the ink of the used brush in the white picture. Still today the professor counts on a group of pupils which dirige its education. By the way, he is for that exists the professor: to teach (to show the signal; to evidence the sina).

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