New York Times

Writings Under Were the time where one of biggest periodicals of So Paulo if gave to the luxury to use entire page, in As the Notebook, to tell the life of a street inhabitant. Kurt Eichenwald, journalist of New York Times, tells in book the effective principle of the corporativismo: the consumer is the enemy. Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, scriptwriters of ' ' District 9' ' , they transform the other parts of the enemy into foreigners, who live in barracos, eat food of the garbage, steal cellular tennises and of the human beings. The Kingdom of the Parody did not count on this. It is of if asking for where it goes, or where more the lode of intelligence intends to hide itself human being, through veils and more veils of concluded nonsenses at a moment where the barrel is overflowing, exists technology and resources to cure chagas but do not have, pparently, availability for in such a way. ' ' Where it has availability, it has abundncia' ' , they express the esoteric ones. However, it is more easy to help aliens of other borders, of what to supply the store-room of the gone crazy ones of here, rank that espremidos – until the last drop – for a gear with proper life. In a world of ONGS and espiritualistas movements of multiple order, no hand contends is extended it, duly warned to associate the pieguice or the movements estropiados politicians, or whatsoever passvel of pejorativo label or in disagreement with a culture zonza and arfante, whose only really global aspect is the barbarity perpetrated against the foreigners of all the ghettos. Which country of the Third World discards the possibility to inlay in its peripheries, beings that live in barracos, is fed of residues, steals equipment inaccessible and is abated for the strong hand of the State? Eichenwald esmia and inquires, to one alone time.

William Shakespeare

I never heard to speak on this name. I spoke to the priest of the city and it said me that in the truth you are an atheist. The atheists are dangerous said it, and until they can take our souls for the hell to continue itself communicating in them with them. Then, I decided to ask it if its faith some day had failed, it lowered the head and it did not say more to me nothing. I remembered you and me quickly ' benzi'. How the devil carregue! That philosophy this? To say the neighbors that the man has that to learn to make of ' fall a step of dance, the fear stairs, sleep a bridge, search one encontro'.

Fernando Sabino? I never heard to speak. It also must be another insane person. You must take more well-taken care of. The people need to hear lies. Nor all the people have a good mirror in house. This injuring lives in deluding. Philosopher has mirror? It would only go to send for the post office this letter, but, I decided to read in its front.

I wanted to know its reply personally. So far he did not interrupt me nor a time. They say that the cultured people are thus, know to hear. I am a man educated in a city small swims I know of philosophy. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX recognizes the significance of this. &#039 needed to make this; servio' the population. What you have to say on its defense? I wait very of its reply! Philosopher: Living Prezado, enobrece me to know that the people have looked for to think different things. How much to the mirror, it forgets it. I left its disappointed presence. What they would be these different things? As it would go to comb me of now in ahead? How my children would dress its clothes of the fashion? What to say the inhabitants? I was walking cabisbaixo for the street and I sat down it the bank of the square. He had a paper torn on of the bank. I caught it and I started to read: lesson of philosophy with emphasis in Vincent van Gogh. ' ' For uncommon people, they are necessary uncommon remedies, and I imagine that they will be found in places where the common people not even would think about procurar' '. (Bonger, Jo Van Gogh. Biography of Vincent V. Gogh. L&amp collection; P.m. Pocket, Vol. 347. Trad. William Lakes, Porto Alegre, RS, 2004, p.93) ours! It will be that I am common or uncommon? was as soon as after much time only obtained to understand the depth of that reply that it had given me. The least I tried to understand when he said to ' sbios' inhabitants what it had said me, had never more said with me ' ' Nosce you ipsum' ' (she reads you it exactly you), they said, will be themselves capable! After all, as already Sir said, William Shakespeare; really, much time is delayed stops in them becoming the person who we would like to be. This, when we obtain. It is good for learning the fastest possible such lesson. I still am learning. The philosopher? Never more the vi, I forgot never more it.

The Price

The manufacturer – production team, a single entrepreneur, the seller of the goods as the last manufacturer in the chain of producers of the commodity. production costs of goods – the difference between revenue and commodity price his labor. Sum of the prices of labor producers of those goods whose value has been moved to the cost of manufactured goods, except for the price of labor of the last manufacturer. profit manufacturers – the difference between revenue and production costs, which include payroll. profit – arithmetic average of the profits of producers of one-species products in this market.

A mid Profit – the profit to which tend to gravitate srednevidovye profits at the expense of flow of funds from the less profitable types of businesses into more profitable. market – Institute for the exchange of goods. labour market – Institute for Labour exchange – and rather, it results in the form of goods produced by them – on wages. labour market – "front door" to the labor market. Institute of contract of employment between employee and employer, in which wage employee receives a temporary use means of production of any goods in exchange for a commitment to sell them for a salary produced goods to their employer. Equilibrium market – a market where demand is balanced proposal, and there are constant prices. conditions of equilibrium market – Analysis and synthesis of the variety of conditions of formation of the equilibrium of the market, reduce this diversity to the two conditions.

Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo

It is likely that he misunderstood the mechanism of such open miracles which occurred at its sessions. But the fact that the scars on his body, in the heart of resolve, gray hair regains its youthfulness and much more – it's a fact. Another thing is that he is not held spiritual preparation, just as nuclear power fell into the hands of people are not spiritual, that it was used in harm. But that is another issue: the theme of morality, which for us, the Creator unambiguously solved: we have already chosen the path of the Soul, a growth path of spirituality, the disclosure of God in himself, expanding the kingdom of God in your heart, life in the flow of the Light of the Soul. I guess you could note that the sessions A. Kashpirovsky healed people in the mostly simple, not intellectuals. Why so? Because their mind can be easily switched off, because such people have less knowledge and intelligence did not interfere with work with the healing of the body.

People knowledgeable with many more doubts knowledge and most importantly more control over what is happening. The mind of such people is the guardian of sacred what is happening, but even more so in his body. It because such a mind can not be corporeal transformation. Christ could not heal anybody in his native village, since everyone knew him as the son of a carpenter. The mind of such people could not disconnect from it. Founder of Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo, working on transformation of cells of the body – relieving them from software aging and dying over the control of the mind, said: "The Europeans prevents the loss of the spiritual atmosphere, skepticism, the habit of mental activity, which makes it more difficult for them to achieve full mental silence


In the age of Aquarius Pisces basic concept of humanity was the concept of Faith. Age of Pisces was the epoch of the Faith. That is why before and emerged in the era of Pisces are so many different religious teachings, world religions and sects, each of which claims to be the true faith. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ben Silbermann and gain more knowledge.. In the Age of Aquarius will be a fundamental concept of friendship. In the Age of Aquarius friendship is stronger than all other types of human communication.

Strong love that can pass more of the Faith, in which You can be disappointed, etc. True Friendship in the Age of Aquarius is above all. People need to be friends for real: friendship with God (absolute), as all true friends do for each other and always help each other, should friends, husband and wife – not to be partners in marriage, but to be real friends or enemies. Parents need to be friends with their children, teachers – with pupils, heads with subordinates, physicians, patients, people – with the state and people – with animals and people of other worlds, etc. But friendship should be a real, true and loyal, true, and not the business or partnership, friendship disguised or hidden animosities. Aquarius – – dual mark Zodiac. He pours a vibrant, spiritual, water and the dead, spiritless (materialistic).

And friendship will be true of highly spiritual people or fake in , materialistic people. Home commandment Age of Aquarius: Be Friend of God and all the inhabitants of the earth and the universe. In the Age of Aquarius by one of the main priorities of mankind will be the development of the fundamental (primarily) and applied science, new knowledge and technologies, including those created by not only human beings but also with extraterrestrial beings and representatives of parallel worlds, or transmitted to people unearthly scientific knowledge and technology. Learn new terrestrial and extraterrestrial knowledge and technology. Develop your Intelligence and participate in the development of science and the search for new truths and knowledge. Become a friend of the alien and the representative of a parallel world. Create the future together with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and the parallel worlds.

Medieval Ethics

Giving beginning to the supreme orders that start to act as regulating of the human behavior. Orders these that oriundam the rules of behaviors? moral and ethics – originating God and point with respect to God as the last end. Thus being, the human being only reaches its full accomplishment, when the proper one if raises to this supernatural order, what it is only possible, when starts to live truths according to disclosed, absenting itself of the existenciais values of the humanity. Acting a ilusrio period of training of deep ataraxia, turning it rules and norms structuralized in one practise fraternal caridosa of the love for its next one, becoming to renegar as the plain one. Guiding our vision, the Medieval Ethics, it is presented total alicerada in the Christian principles, impose the society a dogma, in which its moral supreme principles that, for they turn God, has for itself an absolute and incondicionado imperative character. Trying to inside regulate the behavior of the men of this society. In this context, the medieval ethics start to contemplate the men less fortunate? economically and socially -, with a vision of equality between itself and its pairs, necessarily in a period of refutation human being. Then, in this new perspective of vision, this oppressed man, limited, explored, it starts to have a same perspective of equality that this, occurs only in the plain spiritual.

But so that this could have and present coexistence alone could occur inside in a contextualizada society of a reality with conditions of total inaquality. Only thus, the Christian message presents a deep significant content and moral of existence in the Average Age, that is, the presentation of a salvation, when he was completely ilusrio and utopian to consider it real accomplishment of the equality and other truths disclosed to the human beings. However, we can verify that the Medieval Ethics, was only plus one of the countless instruments used for the governing, to oppress to manipulate, to domar and to brighten up the force of the people. As much that, this if presents rooted in the philosophy classic Greek, which leads the intellectuals the reason and not it dogmtica submission imposed by the Catolicismo. Therefore, Medieval Ethical q, does not present subsidies rational, real and practical to be seen as a way salvation human being and its soul. Well, as, same it is not capable of if leading its proper salvation.

So Paulo

This search, fruitful in this context, although unfinished, takes it to live its existence to come across itself with the greater of its arrests, the freedom to choose and the responsibility for itself. The increasing one I appeal tax for the current society and ruling classes, not more the church, but the economic power, now imposes upon the individual always to opt to some thing, that collated with its freedom of choice and uncertainties before the consequences, to live the anguish feeling. The Modernity, the Man and the Anguish Emerson Martins Garci’a Key words: anguish, existentialism, history, man, individual, century XX Summary: This article, in search of identify the reasons of feeling of anguish, explores summarily the line of history from Middle Ages, searching place the Man in the context registered and the possibles difficulties found by he devotes himself his to you own knowledge. 4341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal for a more varied view. Fron Sren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855) and fron existentialism, is in century XX, that the individual Man himself identify, therefore, ready you eats across with his liberty and consequentially with the anguish.

Statute Cities

STATUTE OF the CHILD AND the ADOLESCENT a new approach for the question of the treatment to infancy and youth Recognizes as important and indispensable the application of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, but for the true effectiveness of its ampler implementation they are demanded measured of character social and objective, who act of form to support the citizen, authorizing to it the necessary conditions for stimulating improve its quality of life and the consequent change of its behavior before its family and the society. The E.C.A conscientiously implanted will consist in the efficient instrument for the development and consolidation of a concept of citizenship in perfect accord with the principles and objectives enunciated in the Great Letter. STATUTE OF the CHILD AND the ADOLESCENT SUGGESTIONS FOR DEBATE In the year where the complete ECA 21 years an evaluation of what it was carried through in them leads obligatorily to an important and inevitable constatao: we need leaning over in them on the context of this valuable instrument to understand accurate extension and depth of its objective; to eliminate the strangulation points that had so far made impracticable its effective implantation; in them to involve decidedly in works and action aiming at to its correct application. Law 8069/90 is good and aims at to raise the social condition of children and adolescents, as well as of its families, but the intention esbarra in difficulties generated for diverse factors. All an administrative and legal structure was created with the best one of the intentions: Conanda (National Advice); CEDCA (state Advice); City council of Rights; Advice To tutor; Courts of Infancy and Youth; Promotorias de Justia, all involved ones in the search of the implantation of this new vision that the ECA intends to implant and to incorporate the Brazilian reality. Let us consider, however, the social conditions and economic-financiers of the country and, for extension, of the families: 1) We have a high tax burden and in the distribution of the resources the parcel biggest is for the Government Federal; 2) As the distribution of the collected sum the population of each one is made through views to the cities, considering, the transferred values is irrisrios for the small cities if to consider that: 2.1) Of the 5570 Brazilian cities around 4200 (more or less 75%) they possess inferior population the 20 a thousand inhabitants each one; almost the totality of them shows aspects of absolute poverty.

The Modernization

Being clearly occured modifications in the relations of work, thus weakening, the movement peasant. He is valid to stand out that the modernization in on agricultural production to the usineiro process followed the called method of ' ' It saw Prussiana' ' in which, according to Lnin, ' ' the capital penetrates in the field keeping the great agrarian property and the monopoly of the land, from where it promotes the modernization and the transformations of the social relations delayed and arcaicas&#039 agrarian; ' (apud AZEVDO, P. 21). It is in this prussiano model that goes to have an alliance enters the large estate owners northeast Brazilian next to an industrial bourgeoisie (usineiros), that with its new techniques of production, they go ' ' invadir' ' the agricultural production and to provoke the changes in the relations of work of the agricultural areas, that is, the transformation of peasants in wage-earning agricultural workers. Changes these that are marked deeply by the maintenance of the exclusion politics of the campesinato. In other words, it attributes to this model of development an modification in the form of if producing, without eliminating the coronelista mandonismo, keeping, thus some aspects of the local politics.

E in this conjuncture, we can identify at this moment, a productive modernization, keeping the forms of exploration of the work, thus not having, no concrete modification in the representation of the patronage of the agrarian regions, taking advantage still the old representation of the authoritarian gentleman of device. The northeast region is a faithful picture of such reality, that in clear way it keeps well-known social inaquality. The maintenance of a relation based on the local mandonismo is a present historical inheritance in the Brazilian agricultural areas and not even the modernization of the production inside of these regions obtained to modify this reality. For the opposite, with a bigger complexity inside of the relations of work in the field, it has seen, the presence of new forms of work, with the sprouting of the agricultural wage-earner, it made it difficult the access of the families peasants to the land and the freedom.

Chalk Professor

Of the chalk to PowerPoint It had time where the professor was a person who wise person much thing and therefore taught. It had a time where, to teach, the professor counted on its knowledge, picture, chalk and the attention of the pupils. It had time where the pertaining to school universe was different of what it is today. But the things had moved. Sciences had evolved; the philosophies had proliferated the life perspectives and of understanding of the world, they had produced new positions in the world.

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge technologies, so wonderful had been constructed that they make in them to think that did not have a time where all different age and the technologies did not exist. But it had a time where all different age. But still well that everything moved. Better saying: still well that many revolutions had happened, bringing the conquests that had improved the world. thus we can live in a world of technological advances that in allow incredible things and facilitate our life them. It is clearly that still today the professor counts on a classroom. In many public schools still the picture and the chalk are gifts.

In some the picture started to be white and the chalk lost space for the brush, or caneto, they call as it in some regions. But this also was an advance: the writing, in the picture, can be colorful, with an alive, different coloring of that embaado of the chalk colorful and desconfortvel; moreover, the environment higienizou: it does not have plus that horrible chalk dust even so nobody comments on the possible toxicity of the ink of the used brush in the white picture. Still today the professor counts on a group of pupils which dirige its education. By the way, he is for that exists the professor: to teach (to show the signal; to evidence the sina).