City Council

I want to tell about how the director of the organizations – members of the City Council of the Party of Regions' management company and treat their employees. We'll discuss one of the organization which is engaged in Sevastopol management and servicing markets of the city. One friend she got a job there to work on myself and all uschutila 'charm' manual 'good' Director for yourself. The first of this neglect than stalknulas labor Ukrainian legislation on the part of management. The company has many employees to set long working hours, which requires periodically to stay after hours to perform work. Under the guise of in this mode of operation the organization's leadership in the person of the director and chief accountant prenuzhdaet people often work on weekends and after regular office hours (days), it does not take into account the needs of employees and sometimes forget to compensate for such work an additional holiday. Moreover, the organization is not transparent in their division and another's.

Their salaries are high, such as Secretary of the Director receives about 1,500 grams, and any kind of privilege is not clear by whom and when installed. Aliens such as the accountants, economists and others are 850-900 grams. and operate on 180-190 hours per month. His thirteenth pay others can not afford to pay, as mood Director budet.Direktor company turns its machinations for many thousands of grams., laying off employees without complying with the law, and when employees sue because he (the director) comes to MAT-lizh would not pay money owed to terminated (though we are talking about 600-700 gr.). And these people are sitting at the city hall, think as residents of the city life 'better'.

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