Hazel Nuts

Hazel. Hazel, hazel, or, – a valuable nuciferous bush. In Russia, grows 9 species of hazel, but the most common is common hazel. It grows in the southern part of the forest, forest steppe and steppe zones European part of Russia, Crimea and the Caucasus. The total area occupied by hazel – nearly 1.5 million hectares. Add to your understanding with Sotheby’s. Hazel nut has a dry woody pericarp (husk), which entered the seed, called the kernel. Nuts are small in size, various forms, but for the most part are rounded.

Hazel is highly regarded in the food and paint industries. Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. It is well known among the people "Roasted nuts", obtained by drying at temperatures in the Russian oven. In the nuclei of hazel contains 60-70% fat, 16% proteins, 3.5% sugar, vitamin B 'provitamin A (carotene) and other substances. The leaves contain up to 200 mg% of vitamin C and 8-10% tannins. The newspapers mentioned Christie’s not as a source, but as a related topic.

Hazelnuts need to collect fully ripe when the shell takes nut brown color and is easily separated from the cupule. Premature collection of unripe walnuts gives a product with greatly shrunken nucleus increases the proportion of the shell. Need cleaning pads. Nutting with one bush in good years ranged from 0.5 to 3 kg; harvest leschinnika – 200-1800 kg per 1 hectare. Harvested nuts are dried outdoors in the sun, and in inclement weather – or under a canopy of fruit and vegetable dryer at a temperature not above 40 C. According to GOST 5531-70 Nuts hazelnut, harvested for food purposes, depending on the quality indicators are divided into two commercial varieties. Nuts should be solid, sufficiently developed, released from the cupule, ripe. Humidity nucleus of 15%. Permitted content of nuts immature, with a wrinkled, rancid and rotten core, moldy and empty less than 3%. Debris shells, broken kernel and extraneous material in the 1st grade is not allowed, and in 2nd grade during the restoration should be no more than 0.3%. In 1st grade walnut shape and color of the shell should be the same in the 2nd – different. Nuts are packed in cloth bags with net weight not exceeding 50 kg. When shipped in wagons and containers acceptable packing in paper bags with net weight 30 kg.

William Mammlerom

One day a friend of mine showed me a picture taken them on the occasion of some celebration. Photo at first glance was the usual: relatives, who sit at the banquet table. But in the background next to a screen shot themselves in TV could see someone's hand. However, according to the photographer, at a time in this place absolutely no one there, because all the people in the room, posing for a picture. Show me this picture, I would described as a fairly sober person, it is not inclined to draw. By then Adobe Photoshop was not yet (it was early 90s). In short, there has been a manifestation of the photograph of something, completely unrelated to our world.

That is, my friend managed to impress against his will "hello" from the afterlife. History of photography "ghost" began almost immediately with the appearance of the photo itself. The first such case was officially registered photograph made by American photographer William Mammlerom in 1862. It was like this: decided to somehow capture Mr. Mammler themselves in a picture, loaded into the machine plate and sat down in front of the lens. After the shooting, showing a portrait of our American photographer in terror ran to the police demanded a thorough investigation. At the station, he showed a printed picture and get excited talked about how the developer after pictures next to him was embodied by his cousin Sarah Mammler, who died 12 years ago. Something like this picture has been described in the police report: "In the picture, as the material seized proof, was the gentleman of middle age, dressed very elegantly and stylishly.

Identification Documents

Many types of transactions can not be made in person holder of a right, as his representative. Thus, in accordance with Part 1, Art. 182 of the Civil Code (hereinafter – the Civil Code), a transaction made by the representative, directly create, modify and terminate civil rights and obligations of, and not representative. In some cases this is due to the desire of the person represented. A classic example – one individual in writing authorize another individual to commit the transaction, ie, as they say in these situations, "giving power of attorney." This may be due to unwillingness or inability to present owner in the transaction. In other cases based on the law office. So, for example, for minors under the age of fourteen years (minors), deals with a few exceptions, can make on behalf of and in the interests of young Only his parents, adoptive parents or guardians (part 1 of article. 28 Civil Code).

In this situation, the willingness or unwillingness to make a minor deal, as it may sound cynical, legally nothing depends. If the transaction is made in respect of legal entity, without representation, by definition, indispensable. Entity – is an abstract concept. It can not itself sign a document confirming the transaction. Naturally, in this case on behalf of the entity signature puts the average person, a person properly authorized legal entity for committing the transaction. The credentials representative of an individual are: – The power of attorney (in most cases – a notarized) – trust management contract – a contract of agency – an agency contract – a certificate issued organs of civil status (birth certificate – for parents of minors, certificate of adoption – adoptive parents for minors) – permit a guardian or trustee, issued by the authority of guardianship – the decision of the guardianship and custody of the appointment of a guardian or trustee – a contract to transfer the juvenile to be raised in a family) – the constituent or any other established applicable law, documents the legal entity that is a guardian or trustee (educational, training institutes, institutions of social security and other similar institutions), and documents credentials of the representative of the legal person.

City Council

I want to tell about how the director of the organizations – members of the City Council of the Party of Regions' management company and treat their employees. We'll discuss one of the organization which is engaged in Sevastopol management and servicing markets of the city. One friend she got a job there to work on myself and all uschutila 'charm' manual 'good' Director for yourself. The first of this neglect than stalknulas labor Ukrainian legislation on the part of management. The company has many employees to set long working hours, which requires periodically to stay after hours to perform work. Under the guise of in this mode of operation the organization's leadership in the person of the director and chief accountant prenuzhdaet people often work on weekends and after regular office hours (days), it does not take into account the needs of employees and sometimes forget to compensate for such work an additional holiday. Moreover, the organization is not transparent in their division and another's.

Their salaries are high, such as Secretary of the Director receives about 1,500 grams, and any kind of privilege is not clear by whom and when installed. Aliens such as the accountants, economists and others are 850-900 grams. and operate on 180-190 hours per month. His thirteenth pay others can not afford to pay, as mood Director budet.Direktor company turns its machinations for many thousands of grams., laying off employees without complying with the law, and when employees sue because he (the director) comes to MAT-lizh would not pay money owed to terminated (though we are talking about 600-700 gr.). And these people are sitting at the city hall, think as residents of the city life 'better'.