Commercial Equipment

Assortment of shop equipment> to store non-food industry is large and diverse. Each of their individual trading systems has its own distinctive features and its purpose. In the selection of trade equipment must take into account various factors. Equipment is selected in accordance with the stylistics of the store, based on its functional load, depending on the materials used, it can cost to different ways, but primarily it should benefit show your products to be reliable and functional. The most widely used commercial equipment – shelving and display cases. Such Equipment may be apply not only to review the product, as well as for promotional purposes. For information on other traded goods, and various decorative elements, special sign shop is allowed to have a commercial shop window, you can place anything other than different brands of other shops or businesses, as well as all sorts of documents, such as a book of complaints and suggestions. This shop equipment is made of plastic, glass, wood or metal.

Of course, there is absolutely accurate statement, rack, what material is better to apply, but each product has its own orientation. For example, commercial equipment from natural wood and wicker, more and more used in good modern domestic stores. Besides beauty and practicality, the main plus of natural displays, is environmentally friendly. What equipment can be very fast, nicely equipped trade area and get the maximum amount of exhibition space? Ekonompanelyami. Large selection of sizes, colors, finishes and wall elements allow optimally equipped commercial area of virtually any commodity. Accessories: tilt and direct hung, various hooks and brackets for hats, shelves for shoes, sticks, clothes hangers, baskets, holders for cell phones, tennis rackets, balls and other things that will help most obvious and beneficial to provide virtually any product on ekonompaneli.

Comfortable and practical, of various shapes, floor hung an indispensable attribute of any clothing store. Various design features hung allow advantageous to provide virtually all types of clothing and accessories and much easier opportunity to familiarize customers with the demonstrated products. Availability on most models of wheels, all small and easy to build hanging to quickly equip the trade area and change the layout of a trading hall. Neither store clothing or footwear is not without such an important element as a mirror. The range of our companies are mirrors of different types, manufacturers, colors and sizes. Almost all of the mirrors are adjustable tilt and castors for easy movement on a trading hall. Raznobrazie shopping equipment for non-food stores: various trade furniture, mannequins, hang, modular systems, shelving, wall construction, mirrors, etc. Among this diversity there and cable system which, as time showed, were able to press for retail space as a "national" ekonompaneli and classical furniture trade. Inscrutable are the ways led rope system to trade relatively recently: in beginning of this century we have of them knew nothing about. Their tentative steps to the vast stores of rope made only in the early years of this millennium. More expensive compared to ekonompanelyami, they appeared primarily way in the boutiques and shops of the upper price segment, so to speak of a stunning blitzkrieg impossible. Nevertheless, after several years can justifiably conclude that the cable system is completely familiar and have become an integral part of the market of commercial equipment.

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