Various Industrial Components

Bearing – a guide or support, which sets on many moving parts other elements of a mechanism. Base ball bearings – a rolling friction, from which almost they all work. Their components are: body rolling piece for holding the bodies at the same distance, the two rings and a separator to separate from each other rollers. Almost always a suitable anti-friction bearings gutter, they are present on the inner surface of the outer ring and the outer part of the inner ring. These grooves are called raceways at him move the body when rolling bearing operation.

Often, parts car raceway placed not on the rings of the bearings and the shaft or on the surface of cabinet parts. Such a device called the combined support. They are used to reduce the size of cars, increase rigidity and accuracy. wfd – High pressure hose. It is often used for filing under very high pressure of various fluids, ie, a flexible conduit. Its composition is quite complicated and not easy.

The main components – are intermediate rubber layers, the outer, inner rubber layer, textile blanket, police brass-wire layers. rvd sleeves can be made with metallic windings or braids. This product is used as a braided flexible tubing is used for the transportation of various petroleum products, and high-quality rubber pressure hose suction is applied to the wound when low temperature conditions. Technical plates. Material that is based on solid latex or rubber, having a sealing, insulation and sound insulation properties is called a rubber plates. Technical plates Vacuum necessary in order that would make sealing compounds used in various rubber. Products that are based on rubber plates are used for the perception of single shock, to prevent friction between metal surfaces and has a lining and flooring or other neuplotnitelnye products. Operating temperature rubber plates mbs at which it ceases to function normally represents the range of-30 and +80 degrees Celsius. Rubber compounds. Mixture consisting of various components, which has the homogeneity property, which includes different components, one of which rubber is designed that would create rubber with vulcanizing referred to as a reliable commodity rubber. The main advantage and main benefits of rubber compounds is the ability to produce large, very elastic and reversible deformation. Rubber compounds are usually composed of the following components: Regulators (light stabilizers, antioxidants), plasticizers (softeners), vulcanizing system (activators of vulcanization, on demand – soagenty acceptors, curing agent, halides vulcanization, vulcanization retardants, vulcanization accelerators).


Gearmotors – a mechanism that consists of the motor and gearbox (in the Rada of the motor-reducer gear motor is called). Most prevalent in the industry planetary, worm and Helical geared motors. Planetary and spur gearboxes manufactured by coaxial relative position of the motor and output shaft, worm – with the location of the motor at 90 degrees to the output shaft. Gearmotor engineering application are: – Helical geared motors – planetary gear motor – spiroidnye motor-reducer – Worm and Helical-worm geared motor – wave motor-reducer – gear motor for special applications. At PayNet Inc. you will find additional information. Scope gearmotors: automation and control systems, control devices, processing and reporting, special tools, medical equipment, automatic and automated control systems that monitor the mini-drives. Reduction unit – unit included in the machine drive and needed to reduce the angular velocities of the slave shaft in order to increase torque. In addition, a mechanism for reducing and maintaining a constant pressure of working medium (gas, vapor or liquid) at the outlet from the tank or other container with a higher pressure also act as a safety and shut-off valve. Gearboxes are mounted in the apparatus for gas welding, in chlorinator water saturator, etc, they can be applied to various devices for implementation of the additional operations of mixing, heating, cooling, etc.

The main element is reducing valve gear. Valve connected to a flexible flat membrane, which on the one hand affects helical spring, and with another – the pressure of liquid or gas. Allocate gears forward and reverse action. In these units, respectively, of the spring coincides with the pressure of the medium or the opposite of him..

Management System Implementation

Certification of management systems – the result of verification of compliance of production processes of the enterprise, according to established norms. Gain insight and clarity with Munear Kouzbari. Any enterprise, today is certification of management systems, This requires daily growing competition, emergence of new manufacturing processes and continuous improvement of technology. Certification of management systems – an important step of any growing company. At the end of certification prepared a detailed report with a thorough description of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of production. Management Systems Certification performed by experienced experts, many years of experience. Main task management system certification – training of employees and management personnel of the company. Relevant today is the certification of management systems, as for the modern consumer becomes a priority not low price products, and its quality.

Therefore, improving the quality of products provides an increase in demand, and as a consequence of increasing company profits. Advantages of certification of management systems ensuring product quality, according to established standards; an increase in qualifications and competence of staff; organization and management processes at the enterprise; Optimization of infrastructure; simplify access to international markets; enhance the economic sustainability of the enterprise; increase the chance of winning tenders; increase profits. Competitive pressure in today's market dictates its own rules and management systems certification – an important measure that will not only continue to operate normally, but become one of the priorities of enterprises in their industry. To achieve the objective verification of the quality of goods and services companies often use voluntary certification of management systems. Management Systems Certification is a modern requirement for prosperous life of the enterprise. Given the international rules for the development and implementation of services, certification must be performed by independent qualified experts to provide objective assessing the quality of their products.

Processing Steel

The need for special steels grows every day: today, they need not only "traditional" industries – defense and aviation, but also the construction of (mostly high-rise), engineering and others. Undoubtedly, these products are expensive, because their manufacture requires a significant amount of resources. Nevertheless, the demand will increase further, because the characteristics of the metal are often allowed to drastically reduce material consumption and cost of manufactured products. That these arguments are sometimes crucial to introduce in the production of special steels. What is steel for special purposes? According to the definition of special steel destination – it rolled iron-based, featuring special properties due to a chemical compound, or a special production method, any method of treatment.

This category includes carbon steel: quality construction, tool, curing, cold-punching, etc. In most cases, special steels contain alloying elements – such as manganese, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, etc., which specially introduced into the alloy to obtain the desired structure, the structure, physicochemical and mechanical properties. Content in steel alloying agents can vary from thousandths of up to several tens of percent. The composition of special steel is the minimum amount of phosphorus and silicon, but because it has a good ability to hot-dip galvanized and flexible and can be processed using a mechanical cutting, and plasma. Production of special steels requires the participation of highly qualified personnel, the use of modern methods of controlled rolling and heat treatment of products, the use of significant amounts of energy. In short, only high technology can provide the specified characteristics of the final product. .

Commercial Equipment

Assortment of shop equipment> to store non-food industry is large and diverse. Each of their individual trading systems has its own distinctive features and its purpose. In the selection of trade equipment must take into account various factors. Equipment is selected in accordance with the stylistics of the store, based on its functional load, depending on the materials used, it can cost to different ways, but primarily it should benefit show your products to be reliable and functional. The most widely used commercial equipment – shelving and display cases. Such Equipment may be apply not only to review the product, as well as for promotional purposes. For information on other traded goods, and various decorative elements, special sign shop is allowed to have a commercial shop window, you can place anything other than different brands of other shops or businesses, as well as all sorts of documents, such as a book of complaints and suggestions. This shop equipment is made of plastic, glass, wood or metal.

Of course, there is absolutely accurate statement, rack, what material is better to apply, but each product has its own orientation. For example, commercial equipment from natural wood and wicker, more and more used in good modern domestic stores. Besides beauty and practicality, the main plus of natural displays, is environmentally friendly. What equipment can be very fast, nicely equipped trade area and get the maximum amount of exhibition space? Ekonompanelyami. Large selection of sizes, colors, finishes and wall elements allow optimally equipped commercial area of virtually any commodity. Accessories: tilt and direct hung, various hooks and brackets for hats, shelves for shoes, sticks, clothes hangers, baskets, holders for cell phones, tennis rackets, balls and other things that will help most obvious and beneficial to provide virtually any product on ekonompaneli.

Comfortable and practical, of various shapes, floor hung an indispensable attribute of any clothing store. Various design features hung allow advantageous to provide virtually all types of clothing and accessories and much easier opportunity to familiarize customers with the demonstrated products. Availability on most models of wheels, all small and easy to build hanging to quickly equip the trade area and change the layout of a trading hall. Neither store clothing or footwear is not without such an important element as a mirror. The range of our companies are mirrors of different types, manufacturers, colors and sizes. Almost all of the mirrors are adjustable tilt and castors for easy movement on a trading hall. Raznobrazie shopping equipment for non-food stores: various trade furniture, mannequins, hang, modular systems, shelving, wall construction, mirrors, etc. Among this diversity there and cable system which, as time showed, were able to press for retail space as a "national" ekonompaneli and classical furniture trade. Inscrutable are the ways led rope system to trade relatively recently: in beginning of this century we have of them knew nothing about. Their tentative steps to the vast stores of rope made only in the early years of this millennium. More expensive compared to ekonompanelyami, they appeared primarily way in the boutiques and shops of the upper price segment, so to speak of a stunning blitzkrieg impossible. Nevertheless, after several years can justifiably conclude that the cable system is completely familiar and have become an integral part of the market of commercial equipment.

Universal Bending Machine

Bending Machine Model EGS-6 ('MEM-3101') refers to a group of equipment for flexible pipes and long products, is a versatile, multi-functional machine rotary type. The design of the machine is made by modular scheme. The main module – the base machine is a power unit, power module, which contains various replacement process modules that perform a variety of bending-of rolling operations, depending on destination. Such a scheme of construction equipment is the most progressive. Shifts Modules multifunction machine. Design features Each module can be used in a wide range of cross sections and radii of the bend – it provides versatility machine. Power module is equipped with a power unit and electrical equipment, as well as has an electronic workflow management flexible.

Depending on the cross sections and the bending radius is selected process module for performing a given operation. The main advantages Pipe bending machines: 1 – the possibility of using the machine to perform a variety of bending operations by shifting production tools, and 2 – the ability to control the machine in manual and automatic modes, and in automatic bending process is carried out with an electronic control for a given program, 3 – machine is equipped with dynamic braking of the main drive, 4 – technological modules are equipped with actuators for automatic positioning of rollers during the manufacturing process of bending operations, 5 – the ability to control the machine from the console and elektropedalyami 6 – bending is produced in the horizontal plane, while coiling coils, the vertical axis, and 7 – the machine requires no special training base, it is installed on any hard surface. Brief information about the process modules. 1.1. Process module number 1 Tube bending machine is designed for flexible pipes and rolled by running around the bending roller pattern (pads) in a cold state.

The module is used for bending pipes with a ratio of outer diameter to thickness wall less than 20, while bending radius corresponds to 3 5 pipe diameters. Comes with pads and rollers for flexible water and gas pipes in the range of 3 / 8 ", 1 / 2", 3 / 4 ', 1', 1 ', 1 ', 2 ', with a bending radius of 35 to 250 mm on the inner wall pipe. Bending performed in a horizontal plane. On special request made kits for bending round tubes of different sections, shaped tubes and a variety of rolled steel, nonferrous metals and alloys in the range technical capabilities of the module. The machine is equipped with a module number 1 is denoted by – 'MMP-Z101'- a separate module number 1 – MMP-3101.01.000. The remaining information on the machines range UGS-6, equipped with various modules, refer to: Part 2 – Flantsegibochny machine STD-94U ('MMP-3101'- 2) Part 3 – Universal Bending Machine ("MMP-3101'- 3) for the spiral-ring pipe bending.