Contributory Scheme The

Contributory Scheme The scheme is contributory health system whereby all persons connected through an employment contract, civil servants, pensioners and retirees and the self-employed capacity to pay, make a monthly contribution (contribution) to the system health paying directly to the corresponding EPS by law to turn them retain the services of the IPS health or provided directly to each and every one of those affiliates and their beneficiaries. By law all employees, self-employed (with a total monthly income (1) minimum wage) and pensioners should be affiliated to the contributive regime. The responsibility of membership of an employee is the employer and the retiree’s pension fund. The contribution to health should be 12 of the contribution base salary, a percentage that is founded entirely independent workers, and employees if it assumes a 4 employer and 8 .The employee, who prefers to choose the EPS and advises the employer together with details of your family. The pensioner, as is being used, and surely will find an EPS member, as all employees must do, to go from employee to retiree membership will not be affected. In that case what is done is to inform the Pension Fund which is the EPS to which it must submit its listing, which may be the same to the affiliate coming or if you decide to change. If for any eventuality when you start receiving the pension is not affiliated to an EPS, to join (no matter what the reason for his pension), choose the preferred EPS and advises the Pension Fund to which found together with the data member of his family and the Fund and its affiliates what the pensioner and his family become entitled to receive benefits from the Compulsory Health Plan (POS) and the corresponding identification.Pension funds are obliged to affiliate to the pensioners and their families and are responsible for paying the value of the monthly contribution to the EPS that retirees choose. If an employee’s contributory scheme When you subscribe to the member (contributor) and their beneficiaries are entitled to receive: – The benefits of POS – A cash benefit in case of incapacity due to illness. – A cash benefit in case of maternity leave.

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