Panel members ICSALUD-MDP

Medical Center of Mar del Plata – Library. Rep.: Ms. Leticia Lizondo and Bibl.Doc. Andrea Blondeau ( ) National University of Mar del Plata. School of Psychology. PSICOCEDOC – Documentation Center. Ans Saquil n Veronica ( ) Physiotherapists Circle District IX. Library. Ans Bibl.Doc. Veronica Iglesias. ( ) Clinic May 25. Library. Ans Bibl.Doc. Iris Bordoy. ( ) Columbus Clinic. Library. Rep.: Ms. Silvana Loza n and Bibl.Doc. Alicia Garcia. Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic. Library. Clinical Pueyrred n. Library. Ans: Miss Lorna Bozzacchi. College of Psychologists District X. Ans: Bibl. Mariela Doc Lamas. ( ) General Hospital Acute Interzonal Dr. Oscar Alende. Library. Ans Bibl.Doc.Iris Bordoy. ( ) Community Private Hospital. Library. Rep.: Ms. Patricia Diez. National Institute of Epidemiology. Library. Ans Bibl.Doc. Maria Victoria Dalbuquerque. ( ) Universidad Atl ntida Argentina. Library. Ans: Marcela Bibl.Doc Ravera. ( ) Universidad FASTA. Library. Ans: Mr. Jos Ravasi and Mr. Ariel Barrios. ( ) Is the Cooperating Node RENICS – National Information Network in Health Sciences.

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