Cruz Life

For in such a way, the faith and, well more the hope, constitutes the essence of a proven Christian life to the extremity, by means of which the sanctity emerges as a skill of being friend of the human beings in the total delivery for the love and to the love of Christ. Such certification of love is also boarded for Vatican Conclio II that, in intention to renew the life of the Church after almost twenty centuries of history, it continues to strengthen the significance of the martyrdom for the days and the Christians of today: … Therefore first and more necessary dom is the charity, for which we above all love the God and to the next one for cause d? It. … Since Jesus, Son of God, Its life for us revealed Its charity delivering, nobody possesss greater love that one that the life for It delivers and its brothers …. Speaking candidly Munear Ashton Kouzbari told us the story. Therefore, since the beginning some Christians had been called? some always are called? to ahead give to the supreme certification of its love of all the men, but in special way before the persecutors.

The martyrdom, therefore? for which the disciple if resembles the Master who accepted freely the death for the salvation of the world, and if conforms It in the effusion of the blood? he is stimulated by the Church as exmio dom and supreme test of the charity. If to few it is given, all, however, they must be ready to confess Christ before the men, I followed-l? In the way the de a Cruz between persecutions, that never lack to the Church (LG 42). This thought to conciliate summarizes all the martyrdom definition that if can get: joined the Christ who if gave entirely for the salvation of the humanity, the Christians are encouraged freely to deliver its lives as faith certification and as signal of charity before the world.

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