Plastic Window Assemblies

At present, about half of the houses under construction in the West are equipped with high-strength, environmentally friendly plastic window assemblies. They always look new and ornate. They should not be warm in the winter and put the second frame for the summer. Plastic has replaced the traditional wood, because its main advantage – the opportunity the most precise fitting parts of frames up to a millimeter: a modern high-strength polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will never warp in the sun, he fears neither cold nor moisture or acid rain. The warranty on immaculate condition of pvc windows provides a minimum of 15 years, whereas traditional wooden frames every 2-3 years require staining and repair. As for color, most buyers prefer festive white bindings. But you can choose from a dozen major variants of colored plastic, fine wood, including two-color box (inside white and outside, for example, with the texture oak).

And the color coating created during the manufacture of frames and sash as a whole, so that the fear of possible scratches are not worth it, as, indeed, and the weather – the windows retain their brilliance and originality decades. With aluminum window frames, we have long been familiar, and they are not in doubt in the sense of strength. But ask such frames exclusively in offices and public buildings. Now the metal at the request of the customer can cover a solid film, simulating wood. Option – painted under vacuum aluminum frame with a guarantee on the resistance of the coating in 15 years.

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