Day Medica

The medical profession is deservedly considered one of the most important and honorable profession of all. What could be more important than the interrelated issues of health and illness, as well as life and death of a man? From the chronological point view of the "Day of Medical Workers", celebrated in Russia (Russian Federation), as well as Ukraine and Belarus, is interesting, primarily because it does not have a strictly specific date. Because no special meaning weekend, this professional holiday for convenience, always celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The current (2009), this day falls on 21 June, and next (2010), the daily health care worker will be celebrated on June 20. Hyundai wanted to know more. The basis for this holiday is the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 01.10.1980 "On public holidays and commemorative days (N3018-X).

In addition to the doctors, congratulations medic (Simplified name of the holiday), on this day traditionally prepared nurses, laboratory technicians and orderlies. he issue. The specifics of these professions is that many of them celebrate this day, being on duty, keeping an eye out for fallen under their care patients. Would like to see their work always appreciated. After all, our government recognizes the significance of this work. Among the honorary degrees of Russia (Russian Federation) is the title of "Honored Worker of Health of the Russian Federation" and "Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation", which provide appropriate badges. However, the state can not take personal gratitude to the doctors and staff who are able to provide only to their patients. So do not forget the day of the medical doctors to organize congratulations (familiar). For reference, note that in addition to the national holidays and there is "International Day for the doctor," notes in first Monday in October.

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