Deodato Cartaxo

The pregnancy is a magical phenomenon that occurs in the life of the woman, giving to it capacity to generate a child. It is had as a gift of God, a moment waited for all and felt by few. The reproduction human being happens the sexual act after, being caused for the meeting of vulo with spermatozoon. Many times this process can not happen due to infertility is masculine or feminine it, as in the attendance of the gestantes how much to the Assistance of Nursing given in the Maternity Dr. Deodato Cartaxo, considering its complaints and necessities in the search of one more good attendance, contributing for the knowledge concerning the Assistance of given Nursing the gestante, knowing its main complaints on the Assistance of Nursing 2.

Theoretical Referencial For all woman, the pregnancy diagnosis is a magical moment, therefore the capacity of if generating a child are had as a present the holy ghost, waited for all and feeling for few. The pregnancy causes to psychological alterations in the woman, causing alterations in the mood as: euphoria, sadness, fear, frustration, joy, anxiety among others. This picture is characterized by its new state of descobertase new sensations, giving to the woman a responsibility that places in questioning its capacity of action. The nursing has an important paper next to the gestante, therefore the same one fits, to pass most of the time with the gestantes, with the intention to give to the psychological support to the patient, explaining the processes where the same one will go to pass until the hour of the childbirth: giving to support, hearing its complaints, taking care of to its necessities, passing security in all the procedures, keeping it tranquila and insurance. This is part also of the humanizao that has as concept questionings on its personal, ethical and moral aspects, being still gifts in the question of the hospitals, acting as a rescue regarding the life human being, enclosing all a dimension and generating expectations.

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