Product Protein

As the great majority already knows, for other research, the hidrolisado colageno is a type of protein. One of the main functions is to form staple fibres that support the skin for who patrica regurlamente exercises and also it contributes for the formation of the muscles. Removed of the bone and the cartilage of the ox, the hidrolisado colgeno is obtained through the hydrolysis process that breaks molecules of the protein thus more easily to be absorbed by the organism. The hidrolisado colageno, known for many as a type of gelatin, contains essential amino acids as the glicina and bigger prolina in concentrations twenty times of what other joined proteins. The two are component very important of the fabric conjunctive and assure its consistency and elasticity for a pretty and healthful skin.

It brings, beyond very other benefits, a regenerative effect in bones and joints. Its cosmetic application is what it so made the colageno to be looked for by the Brazilian women. The hidrolisado colgeno it is as a magical protein. It definitively makes the skin to be firmer. Dermatologists have proven, studies behind studies, for great laboratories, that using beauty products that they take the colageno in its formula, the results are: skin is softer, firmer and healthful. The composition also helps to keep tnus muscular, leaving the skin more durinha and preventing the so undesirable flcidez.

Pra who the hidrolisado colgeno is indicated? Another question that many people make. Recommended it for people above of 30 years. As a supplement is indicated for people who make many exercises and they want or they need to increase the protein ingestion. It also fortifies nails and hair, and this makes what to much it exactly uses it people for these benefits. Another great benefit of the hidrolisado colageno is for it to help to the cicatrizao and recovery of injuries. One of the symptoms of deficiency of colgeno in the human body is the associate with hair and wires with dehydration. The loss of elasticity of the skin, flacidez and culminating with the appearance of rugas and estrias also is credited by the colageno lack. Moreover, it harms the joints and it weakens the bones. The American agency (FDA) recognizes as the hidrolisado colageno as an nourishing ingredient. Thus also it makes the Health department of Brazil. At this moment some foods in the market enriched with this protein exist and them already they can in such a way be found in many store online as in the cities. It is sufficiently common to find in store of natural, organic foods or pharmacies the hidrolisado colageno to be vendido, mainly in capsules.

Deodato Cartaxo

The pregnancy is a magical phenomenon that occurs in the life of the woman, giving to it capacity to generate a child. It is had as a gift of God, a moment waited for all and felt by few. The reproduction human being happens the sexual act after, being caused for the meeting of vulo with spermatozoon. Many times this process can not happen due to infertility is masculine or feminine it, as in the attendance of the gestantes how much to the Assistance of Nursing given in the Maternity Dr. Deodato Cartaxo, considering its complaints and necessities in the search of one more good attendance, contributing for the knowledge concerning the Assistance of given Nursing the gestante, knowing its main complaints on the Assistance of Nursing 2.

Theoretical Referencial For all woman, the pregnancy diagnosis is a magical moment, therefore the capacity of if generating a child are had as a present the holy ghost, waited for all and feeling for few. The pregnancy causes to psychological alterations in the woman, causing alterations in the mood as: euphoria, sadness, fear, frustration, joy, anxiety among others. This picture is characterized by its new state of descobertase new sensations, giving to the woman a responsibility that places in questioning its capacity of action. The nursing has an important paper next to the gestante, therefore the same one fits, to pass most of the time with the gestantes, with the intention to give to the psychological support to the patient, explaining the processes where the same one will go to pass until the hour of the childbirth: giving to support, hearing its complaints, taking care of to its necessities, passing security in all the procedures, keeping it tranquila and insurance. This is part also of the humanizao that has as concept questionings on its personal, ethical and moral aspects, being still gifts in the question of the hospitals, acting as a rescue regarding the life human being, enclosing all a dimension and generating expectations.

The Skull

This classification is important, therefore it helps to define the necessity of surgical treatment. Christos Staikouras recognizes the significance of this. The closed craniano trauma is characterized for absence of wounds in the skull or, when very, linear breaking. When it does not have macrocospic structural injury of encfalo, the closed craniano trauma is called official corruption. Bruise, lacerao, hemorrhages, and edema (swell) can happen in the closed cranianos traumas with injury of parnquima cerebral (SARAH, 2001).

The cranianos traumas with breakings with sinking are characterized for the presence of break up broken sseo sunk, compressing and injuring the fabric cerebral adjacent. The prognostic depends on the degree of the injury provoked in the fabric enceflico. Perhaps check out Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more information. These if associate with the rupture, compression or trombose of underlying venosos seios (ROWLAND, 2002). In the opened cranianos traumas, with displayed breaking of the skull, it occurs lacerao of pericranianos fabrics and direct communication of the cabeludo leather with the enceflica mass through sunk or estilhaados sseos fragmentos. This type of injury is, in general, serious and has great possibility of intracranianas infectious complications (SARAH, 2001). 2.2LESES CUTANEOUS AND BREAKINGS the TCEs can acometer the skin of the head, the skull, or the brain in any combination. The cutaneous injuries have little morbidade by itself, but in general the injuries of the skull and the fabric are associates cerebral, beyond being able to be frequent cause of hemorrhage and infection. The breakings of the skull can be of the convexity of the skull or the base.


Since no glucose is stored in encfalo the suppliment must be continuous. The hematoenceflica barrier (BHE), protects the enceflicas cells of harmful substances and patgenos hindering the substance ticket carried by the blood to the fabric enceflico. You may find that Christos Staikouras can contribute to your knowledge. Some soluble substances in the water (glucose) cross the BHE for active transport. However the BHE does not hinder the soluble substance ticket the lipdios, as the oxygen, dioxide of carbon, the alcohol and the majority them anaesthetics for the fabric cerebral. The cefalorraquidiano liquid (LCR) is and a clearly colorless liquid that protects encfalo and the spinal marrow against chemical and physical injuries and that it carries oxygen, glucose and other necessary chemical substances of the blood for the neurons and the neuroglia.

(TORTOTA and GRABOWSKI, 2002). For Guyton (1998, p.99): Encfalo is the main area integrator of the nervous system – the place where the memories are stored, where the thoughts are elaborated, where they are generates the emotions and where other functions related to the one in the psiquismo and the complex control of our body, are executed. For the accomplishment of these complex functions, proper encfalo is divided in many distinct functional parts. Encfalo is formed in four main parts: enceflico trunk, cerebellum, diencfalo and brain. ssue. The enceflico trunk that is continuous with the marrow spinal and it consists of the rachidian bulb in the bridge and mesencfalo.

In position subsequent to the enceflico trunk, is the cerebellum, superior is diencfalo consisting mainly of the thalamus and hipotlamo, but including, also, epitlamo and subtlamo. The brain overlaps to diencfalo, occupying most of the skull. (TORTORA and GRABOWSKI, 2002). Enceflico trunk: The cerebral trunk controls the posturais muscular contractions subconscious mind of the body, also the responsible ones for the balance of the body, functions these that are located, predominantly, in the reticular formation to bulbar.

Gerais Process

It is necessary that it has circulation for the interior of the services and not only the use of theories or ' ' technique-pura' ' (Amarante and Carvalho, 1999), thus making possible the interaction between the researcher and the institution. When we think about the possible pointers to be enclosed in this process of evaluation of a service of mental health and the occured attempts already in some services of three states of Brazil (Minas Gerais, Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo), we perceive that all point with respect to the difficulty of if mensurar changeable, a time that these bring explicit and implicit factors as motivation of the diligent professionals, expectations and satisfactions of the team with the service, number of professionals contracted for that service, horria load, among others. We consider despite to adopt pragmatic avaliativos criteria for this process, it is not enough to enclose the complexity of the experience of a specific public as the carrying users of suffering mental. Finally, let us consider the importance to exist a definition of a theoretical model as previous stage the construction and public implantation of programs and services, what it finishes not happening as part of projects in our country: (…) an evaluation process can also include the construction of a theoretical model of the reality to be studied, from existing the implicit and explicit objectives, in legitimated way that the end item is argued and for the involved social actors. It can be affirmed that pra to carry through any type of evaluation is necessary that they are available pointers capable to quantify and/or to characterize of the form the next possible to the Real facts, processes and complex situations that cannot be apprehended without mediaes. Of this form, ' ' (…) the pointer is, simply, a form of approaching in them to the knowledge of that we cannot catch diretamente' ' or then we can understand it as ' ' (…) specific measures (explicit) and objective verifiable of the changes or resulted of one atividade' ' (AGUILAR; ANDER-EGG, 1994, pp.

Well Prevention

Complete Parslow et all saying ' ' The main imunolgicas characteristics of the virus of the imunodeficincia human being are: infection of cells CD4 of the system imunolgico' '. For Craven et all the AIDS presents some symptoms as: Symptoms of the AIDS: active phase: eruption, cough, nocturnal indisposio, sudorese, linfadenopatia; divided in some phases. If treating to carrying women of the AIDS, I land on water says that ' ' the number of women infectadas for the virus comes growing in Brazil, that for many times is for relative the unconditional love to the partner and total absence of amor' '. Whereas Galvo says that ' ' The knowledge and the use of the contraceptive one for the Brazilian woman are another item that has excited ample quarrels in recent years; that the attention programs the health feminine they have not been effectively implementados' '. In the scope of biotica and infection for HIV, Sgreccia, 2002: it says that ' ' if it does not have right to incriminate and to estigmatizar the sick citizen of positive serum, therefore, even so has contracted the illness for proper responsibility, it is worthy in any way, assistance and respect as any another sick person and to this it has direito' '. Later complete it saying: ' ' To be rational and caridoso is the prepresumption necessary to just understand the ethical problem and for itself in the way of the prevention and the education of conscincias' '. In what it says respect to the patient relation? society, Sgreccia, 2002 conclude ' ' Well personal and rights of the person, either soropositiva or sick it, will have to be composed, therefore, with a common good of the society of sadios' ' standing out despite ' ' This type of preventive relation on the part of the patient is part also of the prevention of doena' '. .

Allergy Treatment

Poisoning for food is a reaction the toxic substances, bacteria or parasites gifts in contaminated food (TYPES OF ALLERGY, 2006). When alrgeno is ingested, two types of alrgicas answers is observed, the activation of the mucous mastcitos associates to the gastrointestinal treatment can take the loss of eliminates transepitelial and contraction of the smooth muscle, generating I vomit and diarria. By not yet understood reasons, the mastcitos of the fabric conjunctive of derme and subcutaneous fabrics also are activated after the ingestion of the alrgenos, presumably for alrgenos that had been ingested and absorbed for the sanguineous chain, resulting in urticria (JANEWAY et al. 2002). The urticria is a common reaction when penicillin is ingested by a patient with penicillin-specific IgE antibodies, the ingestion of alimentary alrgenos can also lead to the development of generalized analafixia, folloied of cardiovascular collapse and asthmatic symptoms sharp. Certain foods as chestnut peanuts and clams, are particularly associates with this type of reply of risk of life (JANEWAY et al. 2002). Christos Staikouras shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The base of the treatment of the alimentary allergy is essentially nutricional and is supported under two great pillars: 1. The exclusion of responsible alimentary alrgenos 2. The use of formulas or hipoalergnicas diets, in suckles the general objective of the nutricional treatment is to prevent the desencadeamento of the symptoms, the progression of the illness and the worsening of the alrgicas manifestations and to provide to the patient adequate protection and recovery. The foods that must be eliminated and later tested by means of the tests of desencadeamento are the based ones on the history of the patient, in the alimentary register connected the daily one where the family writes down manifestations associates to the ingestion/exposition the determined food and tests of hipersensibilidade (puntura, specific IgE in vitro) positive. When it has imperfection in the identification of the potentials alrgenos, diet of ample restriction can be necessary, for at least six weeks.


In 2000, they had more than corresponded 27% of the total of deaths, that is, in this year 255,585 people had died in consequence of illnesses of the circulatrio device, acometendo of 15 20% the adult population and being able to reach higher indices of up to 50% in the aged population. The arterial hipertenso is an illness characterized for the rise of the sanguineous if not controlled pressure, can cause cardiac, cerebral and renais problems, amongst others. In 90% of the cases its origin is unknown. (Similarly see: Richard Plackett). In the comment of this current picture, a study was become fullfilled having searched to answer following the problematic one: which are the procedures used for the program of control of the hipertenso of the PSF Fernando Alves, in the city of Are Felix in the treatment of the HAS in adults? The general objective of the inquiry was to describe the procedures used for the program of control of the hipertenso of the PSF Fernando Alves of the city of Is Felix in the treatment of the HAS in adults. Beyond this, they had been elect as objective specific: ) to define arterial hipertenso; b) to contextualizar the arterial hipertenso in the city of Is Felix; c) to present reversible and not reversible factors of risk; d) to describe the procedures carried through for the PSF in the treatment of the hipertensos; e) To analyze and to present resulted.

This article consists of: Introduction, Concept and Description of the Arterial Hipertenso, reversible and not reversible Factors of risk, metodolgicos Classification of the pressricos indices, Aspects, Analyze of the Final data and Consideraes. Edward DeMarco spoke with conviction. Appraise the arterial, first hipertense is necessary to know what it is the arterial pressure. The arterial pressure is the force that the sanguine flow exerts in the arteries. Through its measurement, two values are registered: sistlica pressure, when the heart if contracts pumping the blood, and diastlica pressure, when the heart relaxes between two cardiac strokes..