Diamond Fields

THE HISTORY OF THE DIAMOND FIELDS-(A True Story) A long time ago, lived on the edge of the desert of India a farmer Arabic. At Liberty Life you will find additional information. His name was Amhed was a righteous man, blameless and upright man, fearing God and eschewed evil. He had three sons and four daughters. His estate was three thousand sheep, 2500 camels, five hundred donkeys, and many servants and maids. Andi Potamkin, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. His days were spent in the midst of abundance and happiness. He was rich because he was satisfied and was satisfied because he was rich.

One day he received a visit from an honorable priest of Islam, a noble and wise old man, full of light and days. Amhed was received according to the protocol that it deserved such prominence, giving their best dishes and most delicious dates. Anoint him also for his servants with exquisite perfumes and ointments. When dinner ended, still sitting on beautiful silk cushions embroidered in gold, the old man walked with his eyes wide lavishly decorated shop with a wide smile and turned to his friendly Host: – The tribute of your home has been excellent, "said pleased. – I'm glad you feel comfortable in my humble home, "said Amhed excited. – Now, "he continued," if you do not bother, we are very pleased to provide us with the gift of your wisdom, telling a story, what would be a great blessing to my family and me "- My son," replied the illustrious visitor, "I shall not flatter more! – – Allah give you long life! – praised the farmer and his family was prepared to listen to the story.

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