The Price

The manufacturer – production team, a single entrepreneur, the seller of the goods as the last manufacturer in the chain of producers of the commodity. production costs of goods – the difference between revenue and commodity price his labor. Sum of the prices of labor producers of those goods whose value has been moved to the cost of manufactured goods, except for the price of labor of the last manufacturer. profit manufacturers – the difference between revenue and production costs, which include payroll. profit – arithmetic average of the profits of producers of one-species products in this market.

A mid Profit – the profit to which tend to gravitate srednevidovye profits at the expense of flow of funds from the less profitable types of businesses into more profitable. market – Institute for the exchange of goods. labour market – Institute for Labour exchange – and rather, it results in the form of goods produced by them – on wages. labour market – "front door" to the labor market. Institute of contract of employment between employee and employer, in which wage employee receives a temporary use means of production of any goods in exchange for a commitment to sell them for a salary produced goods to their employer. Equilibrium market – a market where demand is balanced proposal, and there are constant prices. conditions of equilibrium market – Analysis and synthesis of the variety of conditions of formation of the equilibrium of the market, reduce this diversity to the two conditions.

Diamond Fields

THE HISTORY OF THE DIAMOND FIELDS-(A True Story) A long time ago, lived on the edge of the desert of India a farmer Arabic. At Liberty Life you will find additional information. His name was Amhed was a righteous man, blameless and upright man, fearing God and eschewed evil. He had three sons and four daughters. His estate was three thousand sheep, 2500 camels, five hundred donkeys, and many servants and maids. Andi Potamkin, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. His days were spent in the midst of abundance and happiness. He was rich because he was satisfied and was satisfied because he was rich.

One day he received a visit from an honorable priest of Islam, a noble and wise old man, full of light and days. Amhed was received according to the protocol that it deserved such prominence, giving their best dishes and most delicious dates. Anoint him also for his servants with exquisite perfumes and ointments. When dinner ended, still sitting on beautiful silk cushions embroidered in gold, the old man walked with his eyes wide lavishly decorated shop with a wide smile and turned to his friendly Host: – The tribute of your home has been excellent, "said pleased. – I'm glad you feel comfortable in my humble home, "said Amhed excited. – Now, "he continued," if you do not bother, we are very pleased to provide us with the gift of your wisdom, telling a story, what would be a great blessing to my family and me "- My son," replied the illustrious visitor, "I shall not flatter more! – – Allah give you long life! – praised the farmer and his family was prepared to listen to the story.

Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo

It is likely that he misunderstood the mechanism of such open miracles which occurred at its sessions. But the fact that the scars on his body, in the heart of resolve, gray hair regains its youthfulness and much more – it's a fact. Another thing is that he is not held spiritual preparation, just as nuclear power fell into the hands of people are not spiritual, that it was used in harm. But that is another issue: the theme of morality, which for us, the Creator unambiguously solved: we have already chosen the path of the Soul, a growth path of spirituality, the disclosure of God in himself, expanding the kingdom of God in your heart, life in the flow of the Light of the Soul. I guess you could note that the sessions A. Kashpirovsky healed people in the mostly simple, not intellectuals. Why so? Because their mind can be easily switched off, because such people have less knowledge and intelligence did not interfere with work with the healing of the body.

People knowledgeable with many more doubts knowledge and most importantly more control over what is happening. The mind of such people is the guardian of sacred what is happening, but even more so in his body. It because such a mind can not be corporeal transformation. Christ could not heal anybody in his native village, since everyone knew him as the son of a carpenter. The mind of such people could not disconnect from it. Founder of Integral Yoga Sri Aurobindo, working on transformation of cells of the body – relieving them from software aging and dying over the control of the mind, said: "The Europeans prevents the loss of the spiritual atmosphere, skepticism, the habit of mental activity, which makes it more difficult for them to achieve full mental silence

Swedish House Pergo

During these dates the launches of new products are produced in the parquet and laminate flooring market. The laminate flooring market is at a level of maturity and requires high levels of innovation by numerous manufacturers. As usual, leading brands are those carrying the front enforcing relevant product lines, as well as developments and solutions to the market. Does not seem to affect much the current context of economic these portents, since in this period we are witnessing ambitious bets regarding expansion of existing ranges and multiple new features relating to the quality and aesthetics of products. The Belgian manufacturer Quick Step, who last year incurred with moderate success of penetration in the segment of natural wooden laminate floating flooring, has just extended their already vast catalog of products with the addition of Quick Step Go, Elite and Vogue series; noteworthy excelsa transition between the blades of the new bevel patented in the range Vogue. Another of the leaders in innovation is the famous Swedish House Pergo, which surprises us this year with a renewed menu of products and styles. Four series are awarded hundreds of elegant designs, from traditional Woods until the most inspired as ceramics, cement and stone. Pergo Original Excellence, Domestic Extra, Living Expression and Public Extreme are the names that make up this fabulous proposal.

Finally, the Belgian Berry Floor parquet producer also has the floor. New collections such as Berry Floor Riviera and Quadrum confer even more prestige to the extensive range that precedes them. Designs with and without bevel, wider than the conventional and the already consecrated Hidroplus application panels, a technology developed by Berry Floor that neutralizes the vulnerabilities of the laminate to moisture. Note that large developments in the field of innovation are still carried out in European geography; distance from the philosophies of low price of Asian markets responding with quality and innovation constitutes a factor of relevant differentiation that must mark the path of European manufacturers, fall into a vulgar competition of price, not to mention the loss of prestige, would be a suicidal attitude in commercial terms. Naturally other manufacturers are also in the process of launching of new products to the market, a strategy this year seems to be more incisive than others, despite the times running.


Old, was," she finally brought him to the intended path, and he does what she asks. Of course hitting a fox on the nose (which is equivalent to the feet), he can not get out, and Fox is doing with him what he wants. You know, whatever was the finale of this tale, if not cut short so early? There are two options: Option 1. Our young friend once, the father of the family, and he has already run two or three or kolobosyat lisabkov (as you like), operates from 9 to 6, and in the evenings enthusiastically watching football. Option 2. Our friend did the father of the family, but for posterity watches his wife – Fox, but he also carelessly and recklessly riding along the paths in search of new and novych chanterelles. Who wrote this tale, which is relevant to the present day? We read on the cover: "the Russian folk tale." How long has it been written does not know any of her publishers.

But it remains relevant today. Why is that? Why the heroes of the old fairy tale as identical with us? Maybe because all the men want to fight. Perhaps all wars and for women, but men have fought it. And if you look at children. 2 to 3 year boy with a spear gun and go kill the enemy is. And this not my mother's teachings, and not the bad influence of television. So what is it? Why and Hare, and Wolf, Bear and so wanted to eat Kolobok? Surely they were hungry? No, these animals do not eat flour.