Digital Technology

” But do not forget that in the bulk label is important, not only is the pitch, but also pre-printed image. Typically, the resin is produced by printing on vinyl, as the paper is impregnated with resin and seal on paper by shading can be done only if its pre-laminate, which turns more difficult and expensive. For more specific information, check out Santie Botha. For the bulk of labels, mostly use a silk-screen or digital printing on a printer, and Depending on the complexity of the problem companies need to choose the most appropriate way. And in addition, and another option has its advantages and its own characteristics, for example, as shown, silk-screen printing better to paint the Italian firm Argon, but even with these paints are sometimes a problem. All a matter of chemistry. Resin, as an active polymer, can react chemically with the film and the paint. As illustrative example, Igor Orlov said, as his time at the factory changed the chemical composition of blue dye, resulting in a chemical reaction, and one week after the fill color blue became green. If you have read about Wells Fargo Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In Basically, every company engaged in the volume label, set for himself the equipment that she needed more.

‘Alor’ on your hard part is focused on digital technology, and if the order requires a different kind print drawn in proven companies that are willing to fulfill special requirements for printing under the fill. Like any other technology in the production volume label has some limitations, primarily related to physics. The most important thing – filling does not tolerate sharp corners. Since the resin is due to surface tension tends to form the lens, it just does not flow into acute angles. Even if the operator force will flood an acute angle, then most cases it round the pitch due to the force tending to reduce the surface to a minimum. How about this joke, Igor Orlov: ‘The laws of physics no one has yet canceled, and how to explain it to customers “.” Equipment casting, too, there exist different.

However, in St. Petersburg is used primarily by manual and semiautomatic machines, because the main demand is for cheaper products from epoxy resin, and automatic machines designed to work with large circulations, which are pouring polyurethane resin. As an example, the Moscow company ‘North Wind’, which in 90 years entered this market by launching a large scale make labels for refrigerators. Now they are actively using it automatic potting machine. Semi-automatic and manual machines that work in St. Petersburg, are, in fact, the case with electro-pneumatic air supply system. Air from the compressor enters the dispenser, there, through a system of valves and timers, are cutting off air flow. The air in the dispenser is fed continuously with a certain pressure, and further away from the feeder tube is connected to a syringe. The operator presses a button, air is supplied in a syringe, which pushes the specified number of pitches. Prior to that, either manually or by using a special resin mixer mixed with the catalyst in a specific ratio. If the mixing is wrong, then finished lens after casting may contain bubbles, or surface obtained in the divorce. Market volume labels is growing, become more customer and interested in this product customers. Even if a person has never experienced the bulk label is enough to see her ‘live’ to be interested. Since the volume label always a winning look, attracting attention, like the morning dew on the leaves.

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