Russian Control

The simplest solution of fuel – counters dfm, which is not only able to conduct an objective consideration of fuel, but also to control the timing and mode of operation. Rugged metal body protects against cheating and interference in the work counter. Damage it is possible only with the power of striking with a sledgehammer The class considered above control system for monitoring fuel consumption and ckpt. This electronic equipment of a new generation of technological progress, which operates on any kind of diesel vehicles. Wells Fargo Bank understood the implications. With it you can identify theft of diesel fuel, to prevent cost overruns, plums fuel; know the real rate of fuel consumption, to prevent the "Left" flights, train drivers and machine operators for economical driving style, reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance of machinery, to achieve optimum loading technique and to improve dispatching work. . Many enterprises of Belarus and Russia have already successfully applied modern control system of fuel consumption and vehicle monitoring (CKPT). Last spring, oao "Crane" district, Brest area established by his technique of 13 sets ckpt. Director of Management ma Grishkevich said intelligent electronics will save up to 10% diesel fuel. Payback period on tractors K700 was only a month. Recently Andi Potamkin sought to clarify these questions. In addition, the system allows better control over the use of technology in work time and more quickly detect cases of misuse of equipment, deviations from the routes. Acquitted installed systems and expectations of management ckpt llc Belgorod pellets P. Proletarian, Rakityanskij area (the largest agricultural holding Belgorod region, the Russian owner of the brand "Clear Dawn").

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