Domains Point

Domains in a site, today, if they are relevant. Whether to position brand in the memory of the user or for searches in Internet search engines. It is very disntinto a domain whose name is one of the keywords of your website, to a domonio that it is not. A domain of your country is also important specific. No longer runs that .com domains are only good to have. The EC points, for example, are domains of Ecuador. What does this mean? Well, that google, for example locates them in searches for IP of Ecuador. Bone, if you have a .com domain and you live in Ecuador or rather want that your public goal is in Ecuador, you is always more interesting to buy a domain.EC, because you will position in the search engine in Ecuador rather than a .com.

If one, for example, you need a domain especilaizado in medical directories of Ecuadorians and Ecuadorians, then, obviously, you want to see you and appear in Ecuador. To do this, you must purchase a .ec domain. This, is just beginning to occur in the Ecuador. Now is time for us to buy and use domains point our country (ec, cl, co, pe, etc) does not seem obvious, plus? Another no less important thing is knowing that audience via internet search engines can reach, because there are countries that are newly initiated on the internet and then may be more interesting offline advertising (press, radio, BTL, etc), so the user, enter to the internet and enter directly your web page. So your target market is greater that the internet, which you search on google, is very small in Latin American countries.

If you would like so? well if we know that a country have 5% of the population using the internet recently. Well, hoped that also will find you in the search engine a significant mass, is no easy task. To do so, not a bad idea, make a strong advertising campaign offline (offline), that will generate you direct visits, typing your website, more that the user navigates that we already know that they are few. Eg.: the case of directory physician for Ecuadorians. We know the importance of having a directory specialized in this area, but we cannot expect to have many visitors, without a parallel advertising pointing to remember the brand and posiconarlo in the mind so that users digitan it beyond as consecuencua surf the internet to find it. Stay alert to your comments and suggestions.

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