Characteristics of intrusion and inapropiedad’s obsessions have been described as ego Dystonic. This refers to the feeling of the individual that obsession is le strange, is not within its control and is not thinking that would expect to have. In any case, the individual is able to recognize that the obsessions are the product of his own mind and that they are not imposed from outside (as in the induction of thought). The majority of women are interested or them like men who mistreat them, reject them or despise; that they always say the girls that like retailers, romantic men bringing them flowers, etc. Tim cook shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. is a lie is proven that say it only as a nice speech but in practice always are looking for a man with money either to make out them of poverty or because they believe that by having a profession may not be with a lower man, on the other hand many women like the types who mistreat them physically, verbally or both, has been seen many times as the girls see a man who know that it will hurt going to be unfaithful and is surely going to abandon and anyway come running back on him.

The preference for conflicting men, who by conviction become the center of the universe, the effort to worship despite shenanigans and humiliation, that is with another girl, that put nicknames or burle of it even in its roots; for example: Shuca, easy, serrana, offered women, etc. all forgive him, so as not to be alone and not separate them, or only the fact of not losing to the other girl. A disease that while it is true most women suffer from it, men are not left out and there is mostly a reflection of childhood, this being the starting point.. For more information see Kevin Ulrich anchorage.

Aplus Field Marketing

And, given that a lapse of considerable time may elapse since the consumer sees the announcement on TV until he goes to the store, at the point of sale promotions are an alternative more important than ever. Responsible for the study analysed a large number of buying decisions to see to what extent planned in advance. For example, the consumer who decides to buy a brand name chocolate concrete and makes it, POPAI survey called this action purchase planned in a specific way that planned acquisition of the product and its brand. Such decisions are taken before going to the facility and constitute 30% of the total of the purchase decisions. Robert Kiyosaki is often quoted as being for or against this.

The action of buying white chocolate and choose the brand in the establishment is known as decision scheduled generic and sum 8% of decisions. Substitute purchases relate to those in which the consumer has thought of acquiring a particular brand but just buy another; they represent only 1% of the total. Finally, unplanned purchases, those where the consumer had not planned to buy chocolate, but takes a particular brand chocolate, make up 61%. Therefore, if we add the substitute and the unplanned purchases planned generically, the result reaches 70% of purchase decisions in the establishment. With that, the opportunity to influence the decision of the customer through advertising at the point of sale is clear.There are still ways to improve these results in the way of communicating messages; According to other data provided by the global Association of POPAI marketing reveals the dynamic displays (digital signage) to increase sales by 83%, while the static do so at 39% and we see how this has been applying to large department stores and malls, thereby reaching those cities of the future which we saw only in fiction films.

Necessity Of The Ball Mill Feed Point Improvement

Wide application of the ball mill: Ball mill, which is a kind of mill used to grind materials by the steel ball in the cylinder, and an effective tool that can grind a variety of materials, it is widely used in building materials, chemical, ore processing and other industries. In the building materials, metallurgy and chemical industries, there are a large number of certain size crushed materials: such as limestone, gypsum, slag, cement raw materials, ore beneficiation field particles, according to process requirements, these materials also required the further grinding work. The analysis of the ball mill inadequacies: the fine grinding operations workload is quite large, this heavy work are currently carried out in the ball.But the ball mill s working efficiency is very low (15% to 30%), so the power is consumed more, the energy loss is serious, and the consumption of the metal in the milling are also relatively large. In order to reduce production costs, it is necessary to understand the premise of these mill operating characteristics, we need to according to the nature of the materials (hardness, (water content in the materials), such as material particle size and the finished product fineness requirements to choose the grinding process and reasonable grinding fine grinding equipment. Moreover, the equipment improvement for adapting the current production is necessary. The low energy utilization of ball mill the has a great relationship to the distribution of material in the mill. Nearer the outer layer of the cylinder body trajectory, the greater the grinding action.in the current production of the mill, the material fall directly into the cylinder inner layer, the inner layer material need to go through a long time to enter the outer layer for fully milling, and thus a large amount of energy lost.

The improvements of the Ball mill / ball mill about the improvements of the feed port: in order to make the material reasonable distribute, the feed portion of the mill need to be improved.change the old-style right-angle cutting to the pitch type material slipped slip, thus the material slip angle is greater than the angle of repose, materials can be fed smoothly. We should select the reasonable feed point of the ball mill, the material can fall into the cylinder outer layer directamente. Finally, after taking into account the calculations and empirical data, we can determine the relevant parameters of the material, the material filling ratio, cylinder adapt speed, mill power these relative parameters. Combination crusher: Ball mill:

Domains Point

Domains in a site, today, if they are relevant. Whether to position brand in the memory of the user or for searches in Internet search engines. It is very disntinto a domain whose name is one of the keywords of your website, to a domonio that it is not. A domain of your country is also important specific. No longer runs that .com domains are only good to have. The EC points, for example, are domains of Ecuador. What does this mean? Well, that google, for example locates them in searches for IP of Ecuador. Bone, if you have a .com domain and you live in Ecuador or rather want that your public goal is in Ecuador, you is always more interesting to buy a domain.EC, because you will position in the search engine in Ecuador rather than a .com.

If one, for example, you need a domain especilaizado in medical directories of Ecuadorians and Ecuadorians, then, obviously, you want to see you and appear in Ecuador. To do this, you must purchase a .ec domain. This, is just beginning to occur in the Ecuador. Now is time for us to buy and use domains point our country (ec, cl, co, pe, etc) does not seem obvious, plus? Another no less important thing is knowing that audience via internet search engines can reach, because there are countries that are newly initiated on the internet and then may be more interesting offline advertising (press, radio, BTL, etc), so the user, enter to the internet and enter directly your web page. So your target market is greater that the internet, which you search on google, is very small in Latin American countries.

If you would like so? well if we know that a country have 5% of the population using the internet recently. Well, hoped that also will find you in the search engine a significant mass, is no easy task. To do so, not a bad idea, make a strong advertising campaign offline (offline), that will generate you direct visits, typing your website, more that the user navigates that we already know that they are few. Eg.: the case of directory physician for Ecuadorians. We know the importance of having a directory specialized in this area, but we cannot expect to have many visitors, without a parallel advertising pointing to remember the brand and posiconarlo in the mind so that users digitan it beyond as consecuencua surf the internet to find it. Stay alert to your comments and suggestions.

Social Security Wing

The slogan of all the campaign is safety in the workplace starts out of House, with which it is educate workers that protection at work, should also be extended to the journeys of roundtrip to work the campaign also you can see on the Internet and citizens wishing to do so can participate in it through the platform of good practice leaving messages that they consider useful for raising awareness of this risk. Do as the safety at work start to leaving home, traffic encouraged drivers:? Avoid routine journeys: despite the fact that every day are often the same shuttling to go or return from work, the circumstances of the traffic are not equal. For this reason, the driver must be aware of the specific circumstances of the traffic and adapt your driving to them. Monday is the day of the week that more traffic on the occasion of work accidents are recorded. Using the hands-free only for short conversations, never for conversations long. According to various studies after minute and speaking by mobile driver perceives not 40% of signals, your average speed low 12%, the heartbeat is accelerated sharply during the call and it takes longer to react. Avoid distractions and concentrate on driving. Avoid going in a hurry.

70% Of labour traffic in itinere accidents occur when you go to work. Possibly the fastest speed by arriving on time, rigid schedules, the productivity linked to the signing at an exact time generate a stressful situation that usually involves the assumption of higher risk situations. This campaign is part of the areas of action to develop inthe new strategies road safety 2011-2020, with actions like this that will seek to reduce the risks of work-related displacement and incorporate the culture of road safety in companies. March 1, 2011, the labour and Interior Ministries signed a cooperation agreement to promote the execution of mobility and road safety in business plans. The agreement established that companies that put up such a plan could benefit from the reduction of contributions Social Security Wing.


Ever thought you how to keep your customers and which are not to be with other companies where to be treated in a more cordial way? Ever thought you how to keep your customers and which are not to be with other companies where to be treated in a more cordial way? Has arisen when a company needs a service or product the first thing that comes to your head are not services provided by the company which included mouse pad or the heel of sticky notes? One of the most common forms between companies are advertising products, not to mention them most used items are keychains. Give a keychain to one of your customers can do that that customer’s faith in you as well as give you cache your company. Despite being one of the cheapest advertising products is one of the most simple and effective to make its sales increase and its clients to persist with you and are recommended to future clients. One of the utilities of the keychains in addition to that we all know how it is to carry keys and that they are not lost It is easily to remember you don’t want to forget and keys that will not know that is referred to as much as others to see. This is very common in companies with many employees. We know that advertising gifts are to increase sales but one of the objectives of a company is to build a loyalty between employer and worker, and that best way to give a gift that besides being a gift is useful. If you are a large or small, with large, clear objectives and want to create a loyalty be future clients or suppliers, customers, workers, put in our hands and we can offer you a wide range of advertising products for every occasion.

MLM Business

MLM businesses have, like every business, its advantages and its disadvantages. Among the advantages more important, highlights the minimum investment required to launch them, but this usually often become the main drawback. What any person does when he embarks on a traditional business?. You usually have to invest a lot of money on facilities (premises, products, employees, expenses for light, water, telephone, advertising, etc), so it uses all resources at its disposal so that everything works swimmingly, and doesn’t skimp on expenses or in devoting the time that is needed to get it, because what is much is at stake and not that goes wrong can afford to. That happens when it’s a MLM business?. Because in this case he has none of mentioned expenses, so the level of concern is usually much lower.

If the person entering this type of business has not acquired the necessary training, it is usual that you will not you very well at the beginning, and that is very logical and normal, and should not be cause for surprise. If your sponsor is as it should be it should tell you the way to follow, provide you the means for your training and the tools that you’ll need to continue forward, but everything will depend on yourself, your own efforts. The main reason why your business MLM could not operate precisely is their main advantage, i.e. because investment has been very small. This makes that don’t worry enough, and you start to convince yourself that finally, after only entered the business to test, and that it doesn’t matter if you do not work because you have not lost anything, and this will serve as a lesson to not return to the temptation to get you again in this type of business, that don’t work. This reasoning is the usual one that make people who have not endeavoured to take the business forward, but the reality is that the business has not worked for them because they have not considered it as a serious business.

So that if these in a MLM business and does not consider it as a real business, and if you don’t do the same way as what would you do if you had a traditional business, do not wait that it works. That is pure reality. you that would you do if you had a clothing store, for example, and not had much clientele? I am sure that pondrias up a lot of resources, tratarias buy cheapest, pondrias advertising, pondrias a luminous sign, would you do deals, etc. Then because in your MLM business not running put all resources at your fingertips? If your sponsor is telling you that you attend training conferences to learn more about the business and the tools at your fingertips because you do? If your sponsor you is saying that you promotions business in a certain way, to get more prospects because do not? If your sponsor you is telling you to read a certain book where they explain you about certain things that will help you be more effective, or to be more motivated because you do? Hence this key from because does not work your MLM business, only it comes to consider it a serious business. So which assimilates well this concept because it is the first stone of the foundation of your business.