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People's attitudes towards parapsychology and extrasensory quite specific. Someone unconditionally believe in them, someone finds a fraud. In my opinion, problems arise because it is impossible to accurately assess their impact and role in our lives. As one professor: "Science begins when we start measuring something." Such a position makes sense, but at the same time there are situations from which it is difficult to dismiss. For example, when I was in school, it happened I knew when I was cause or not cause the board. And the feeling appears before the actual lesson, a few minutes before, and logically explain it was not. Manifest psychic abilities are in other forms, for example, in the form of prophetic dreams. " Generally, a dream – a wonderful state.

Human consciousness is turned off, but the brain continues to work and it does not have restrictions imposed by our experiences and knowledge. Therefore, Instinctive activity is enhanced, rather our consciousness does not interfere with getting the information from the subconscious. Despite the fact that the manifestations of psychic abilities were rare, fully discharge it from the accounts not worth it. Much more interesting to see how they are developed. For these purposes, developed a number of ways, but the most simple and accessible – online tests. The principle is as follows. When passing the test you will be asked to answer a number jobs, and neither one of there is no logical answer. The idea is that your mind is "surrendered", that is, you have to feel the correct answer.

If you start to use some mathematical system – nothing no good, accurate test you pass, but the result would be completely useless. Therefore, when taking a test for psychic ability of the Council use the following pravil.Vnimatelno read the question, but not think about the answer. Try to feel it. It's not easy to do, but after a short workout begins poluchatsya.Tratte as little time for reflection. Nobody knows exactly how much time is needed subconscious to find solutions, but usually it takes less minuty.Vozmozhno help you external stimuli such as music or working near the TV. If you distract the mind, the chances increase. In conclusion, I advise the simple test checks ekstrasenornyh abilities, consisting of 20 questions. To get a more or less reliable results, you do not have to spend on it for more than ten minutes. Good luck!

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