Major Industries, Products and Services: ‘Agriculture in General Teran is a wide variety of crops including: orange, nuts, sorghum, maize, beans and wheat. ‘Livestock in the municipality stresses the breeding of cattle, goats, pigs, horses and mules. ‘In this industry we have a company dedicated to the manufacture of burnt milk candy, butter processing factory, bloqueras, sweatshop clothing and artificial flowers. ‘Tourism five kilometers from the town is El Centro Recreativo’ Sabino Gordo, ‘which is a thousandth sabino and great circle with spring that never runs out. You can practice a more attractive sport fishing in the dam ‘The Crystals’ (45 km.) And also with Jose Noriega (Los Mimbres) to 84 km. in the town. In this region, General Teran has a significant volume of production of cattle, goats, citrus, milk, vegetables. It has variety of shopping malls, clothing stores, furniture, shoes, food, construction materials, stationery, central regional supply of meat of all kinds, etc.. ‘Services are auto repair shops, cured, cleaned and greased, restaurants, doctors, lab tests, pharmacy, photography studios, banks, funeral homes, however, gas stations, etc.

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