Notable cuts in Madrid until the mid nineteenth century: from 1329 until convened convened in 1845

In the year 1329 during the war that Alfonso XI had to sustain against the Saracens and suffering from civil strife that devoured the cities of his kingdom, convened in Madrid Spanish in 1329 and settled some outstanding leyes.En these cuts said Father Mariana in Chapter XXI of Book XV of his General History of the following:
Laws were established some notable
In the Royal Family had no more than a trade.
That cuts in or the imposition of new breasts
Do not give benefits to foreign
At the cost of blood and sacrifice conquered peoples representation of those people who until then had been denied in the nation and poured the foundation the right policy because people so if they offered money for the war, with greater willingness to Moors for the same time seized the town of Priego, who was off of the two kingdoms and was of the order of Calatrava.
Sabian therefore defend the men of that time acquired the rights to:
The years 1390 to 1393 was convened in Madrid Cortes mainly by the fact that following the unfortunate death of John I in 1390 took place in Alcala de Henares, Castilla was a serious conflict and exposed to the inconveniences they bring minorities . Prince Henry, whose temple on that sad event placed the crown of San Fernando, just eleven years old and had all the greats including the Kingdom of Toledo Arzoobispo Don Juan Tenorio, knew how tender was the prince’s age for weight and size agreed put the king under the tutelage of a regent and convene courts den Madrid, where the nobility was collected, with the following to say:
Chaired by the archbishop said Don Juan Tenorio
Were held in the church of San Salvador
Appointing a board composed of:
Three tycoons
Two Archbishops
Two masters of military orders
Attorneys for the five cities
This Council should hear the state government and the authority of the monarch and made the following determinations:
Down and reduced to its intrinsic value currency
Despatched judges to punish perpetrators of the most fire from the houses and rape of the daughters of Jews who lived in Seville, at the request of those Jews who came to this Court, but more calm the situation to increase the following year Burgos, Valencia, Toledo and Cordova with acts of barbarism against the Jews.
Went to the Villa de Madrid which was their request that the trial revealed that he had a tribute to King Leon of Armenia, when King Don Juan, upset by their plight, sir him with title of king of this town and the King Cedula public release letter and could not alienated to the Crown, the privilege should kept on file with the City Excellency.
Approved several other provisions of the said minor.
In the year 1419 of Castile were called by members of the Royal Council, the holders of power in Castile during the minority of John II of Castile, after the death of regents appointed by his father Henry III of Castile in his will: Fernando de Antequera, and Catherine of Lancaster. Until then Sancho de Rojas had held the power to lead the Council but had arisen several camps around infants Aragon that he was forced to convene the Cortes and give most of the old king, with only fourteen years.
The years 1433 to 1435 the courts collected addressed the meaning of the judiciary, whose rights were not recognized even contradicted by the riots of epoca.Juan II gave judges greater gaerantias establishing rules by which obliged to give their judgments Fair, ordered with the highest penalties for missing those provisions while others set the rules for Corregidores, prescribing the cases in which could put in his residence:
In the year 1517 when the Toledo and Cardinal arzoobispo of Spain, Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros, the Spanish monarchy ruled on behalf of Carlos Cortes were summoned from Austria Cardinal trying to avoid this call. It issued new laws arzoobispo interesting to reorganize the monarchy in Spain and the following:
Made the front cover, too many of the magnates.
It gave greater force to the courts.
In the year 1534 Charles of Austria reigned in Spain when called Cortes in Spain to put amendment on several points concerning ecclesiastical orders, and civil court and also to the following:
Arrange and shape the Courts
Identify the responsibilities of the Corregidores
Set the amount of gifts and donations from parents to daughters and wives to husbands
Revise and improve some other laws.
But the most important provisions, one whose need was known to all, was as follows:
Mandar unable to meet for two mayorazgo marriage of two stories or more in income per year.
This determination amalganaba the magnates that did not have such luck and I ping, wrapped view of high politics and essentially for a leveling of all rights.
Consequences of this provision was as follows:
There was not so proud of the heroes of fronts in the presence of Spanish King
This could not tycoons, leaders or heroes raise an army against the king with impunity.
These tycoons also comply with its king and reconocianen the power that until then had been neglected.
These courts were presided over by the famous Cardinal Juan Tabera, during absences of Don Carlos Spain ruled with a firm hand.
In the year 1621 Philip IV, son of Philip III, inherited the throne of Spain to his father’s death, which occurred at 42 years of age and 22 of his reign.

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