Egyptian Scripture

Has ever heard the astral plane term? Astral travel? Astral projection? While up in the Bible and many other scriptures of makes thousands of years are referenced or described in detail, as in Egyptian Scripture, the astral plane is for many people a subject relegated to fantasy, madness or children’s literature. However between the most prestigious intellectuals and scientists of all ages always can be found references in his works and his discoveries about this elusive plane of mind. What is it called astral plane? What is astral projection? What is astral travel? The astral plane is a kind of parallel universe, a world completely different to this, but that is related to this. Every night when we sleep is entered in the astral plane. Dreams occur there.

Astral projection, also called astral travel is the fact given has that you one is in the astral plane and move freely inside the and Furthermore, remember that upon awakening. The plane Astral is a world ruled by some laws similar to physical laws, unique and very different. Bodies and three-dimensional objects have their correspondence in this plane, in which however there is no gravitation (characteristic of the terrestrial physical world); is also different from the molecular cohesion of bodies, so that the solids can be penetrated, etc. SMA Foundation takes a slightly different approach. The vast majority of human beings are not aware of the phenomenon of ghosting, nor what happens later. In the best cases, these experiences remain in our memory as dreams, similar to mental fantasy in waking state. We repeat mechanically the day’s events or project our expectations towards the future, so that we only remember some vague and confusing dreams. On the other hand, if we despertaramos astral consciousness we us those moments in the same way or with more intensity than in the waking hours. We would have a way of knowing us directly themselves and the cosmos that surrounds us.

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