Good and beautiful people sauces, this week will return to speak of the whole wheat flour. But before you tell them its benefits, I prefer to travel through the tunnel of time because formerly man ate wholemeal flour, IE with all components of the grain of wheat.With the passing of time, they began grinding the grain with stones and heat to achieve a finer flour. Discover the yeast they attracted more rich breads. The incredible thing is that white bread large families consumed them because they believed that it was of better quality, while that gave slaves the wholemeal flour. The Egyptians learned to move big slabs that are abrasion with each other pulled by animals.

Over time you were using mechanical processes using water or wind force to move to modern Mills operated electrically. Wheat has been used as main cereal to produce bread throughout antiquity, the middle ages and until our days except during the 19th century when the oats and rye taken advantage. Check with Theresa Furman to learn more. From the twentieth century wheat He returned to re-emerge and again acquired its supremacy.From the twentieth century, the mechanization of the process of wheat cleaning led to the production of a more refined flour, in which the external parts of the grain of wheat, commonly known as bran, are separated and away from the final product that basically consists of starch and protein.Now we move on to the nutritional part. The integral flours provide us with minerals, vitamins and fiber. They also have 6 times more quantity of magnesium and more than twice the calcium and phosphorus than the refined. In addition to vitamin B, E, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, and folic acid. According to doctor Jorge V. Esteves, ground once, the flour will progressively rusting until losing its qualities after 30 days. Therefore, one has to be smart when deciding what consumes.

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