Emotional Intelligence

And the intelligence emotional intelligence always we have heard that the CI was determinant to know whether a person would be successful in life, a test could mark the future of your academic and professional success. However, several years ago that since the business realized that are other capabilities necessary for success in life. And not any IQ test measured these. Think for a moment the importance of emotions have on our lives everyday and quickly you will notice that most of the times mark all our decisions almost without noticing us. I buy your car doing calculations of profitability? Chose your partner because objectively was the best choice? Do you chose your job because you offered better salary? Most of our decisions are tinted (if not mastered) by emotions. Before this we must admit that there are people with a domain of his much larger than other emotional life.

And is curious to see that little correlation there is between the classical intelligence and intelligence Emotional. An extreme case would be the typical nerd, that led to the limit is an intellectual machine but with disastrous emotional life. On the other hand we can find with people who don’t step elementary school but to lead a successful life and have an orderly and enviable life. These extreme cases are not common, but it is necessary to realise that we must pay greater attention to this type of skills that can make our life much or more than the C.I.

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