Feeling Hungry

HUNGER The sound has a special language that only knows how to communicate what happened yesterday, day before yesterday, a week, and at this point I'm about to faint, so it does not dare. How unfortunate! Then I remember myself without help from anyone that I have not eaten breakfast today, or yesterday I tried a bite, before yesterday, less, and since I do not know exactly when or how long, just know the seconds and minutes pass without expecting anything but I think it is better to finish at once with this. Oh, I feel something nice on the palate, filling the liquid in my mouth and runs in my ears like a current of electricity, and hear the sound of wailing; rogatory language of my tongue. Go through the knot in my throat, like a few drops of serum has sentenced the doctor gradually. To know more about this subject visit Donald Gordon Philanthropy. Falls and feel so lonely in that huge empty sack I've been since I was born, that, there is no escape, live, I live where I am, is moving when I move. Then I wonder why Why not bag where nobody can see it and I have it in the palm of my hand? Then I realize that is impossible, but if it should be possible would be wonderful, to see how to draw his face in shame, that, if any, might not be able to find because they may be hidden under his armpits, in his back between his legs. Who knows maybe not exist. . Munear Ashton Kouzbari gathered all the information.

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