However in some places on the planet electric power cannot reach due to the lack of an infrastructure that enables the coverage, as solution to this has been used the generator tool that consists of the presence of an internal combustion engine which lets you move a generator of electric power through its activity, the need for electric power is presented in almost all societies of the worldTherefore this way of obtaining electrical energy undoubtedly requires the presence of a fuel, mainly diesel. As mentioned previously the generator occurs as the energy solution for those places that due to its location and diverse problems of development have failed to establish a network of electrical conduction, i.e. an infrastructure of electrical towers or it can also be the presence of generators in certain buildings posed a great need for their labor or certain activities of great importance electric energy consumption therefore cannot accommodate that present lack of energy at any time, so have a generator that fill the need of electric power in the absence of mains supply for any inconvenience. Group generator in the process of transformation of energy, what does is generate a mechanical energy, i.e. the strength given by a motion from the fuel, after this process the different components that are part of the generator give scope for the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy. To better understand what means the Group generating set and processes carried out it is necessary to know the various components that comprise it:-engine diesel: is that drives the generator to provide the useful power to begin the processes of combustion and transformation of mechanical energy to electrical – electrical motor system: this is the boot media, has a battery and various components of control such as monocontacto of oil pressure, Thermo contact for temperature and a contact in charging alternator.

-Alternator: this is the environment that accommodates the production of output power, the type of alternators introduced in generating groups are shielded. -Fuel tank: this is the container of the fuel needed for the action of the engine, in addition to this function also serves as banking or sustenance for the engine and the alternator are located on this. -Vibration isolation and exhaust system: a system that mainly avoid vibration of the various components of the engine and the alternator which are given in the genset is necessary due to various mechanical processes. Exhaust system reduces the sound produced by the generator. All of these components make it possible that the generator can generate electrical energy from mechanical strength obtained via combustion being a solution very useful for total lack or the service deficit. Original author and source of the article

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