Plan Franquiatlantico

Each is now less so that it starts up the fair Franquiatlantico franchises and business 2011, which this year will take place in the Centre of exhibitions & congresses of the hotel A Coruna Attica. On 25 and 26 February starts a new edition of the pageant, that comes loaded with new features. The main is starting up franchises 2.0 program, that seeks to enhance the communication and marketing of the ensigns franchised in social networks. This initiative is a service that has flexibility its main feature, offering each teaches custom possibilities, depending on the sectoral analysis and profiling, design strategy and the definition of editorial lines for each social media, among other aspects. The new service aims to resolve the doubts of communication and share the concerns of the brands through social networks, in the framework of a technological development that continues to grow.In addition, the fair’s organization has announced it will help to the ensigns in the Pre-Business Center as the Post-Business Center.

In this sense, the organizers are convinced that our country urgently needs entrepreneurial people that encourage new businesses in order to generate employment. Franquiatantico becomes, therefore, a unique opportunity to meet entrepreneurs both franchisers, who will also be accompanied by other agents such as institutions related with the sector and various financial institutions.On the other hand, the organisation of the fair stands ready, through the Plan Franquiatlantico 2011, helping the flags that will come to the pageant in the Post-Business Center as well as the Pre-Business Center. All under the firm conviction that Spain needs entrepreneurs currently to put up new businesses and generate employment. Therefore the competition translates into an excellent opportunity to bring together all the agents involved: companies, franchisers, financial entities, institutions and entrepreneurs. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain.

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