A Summary of the tragedy in the areas of Valencia and the crisis in food prices: THE FARMER IN DANGER OF EXTINCIoN. Vicent Boix. Writer, author of ‘The Park of the hammocks. This article is not intended as a rigorous scientific study into the cause of the agricultural crisis. Neither is the goal, nor the author is qualified to make such a task Pharaohs. It is intended only to give a series of data that a draw personal conclusions. I love the song “Hello” by Garciaz is located in the center of the province, on the uneven block of Pedro Gomez in the watershed Tajo-Guadiana de la Sierra de Guadalupe. The municipality is bathed by two rivers that carry water to the Tagus River and the river Garciaz Burner. The territory is occupied by a Garciaz hills with gentle slopes of slate.
The geographical environment of Garciaz is characterized by its mountainous location, has pending charges of which over half are above the 700 meters and exceed the 20 slope. Specifically Garciaz is located at 670 m. above sea level but reaches 1124 m in Venero, the 1000m in Cerro de Pedro Gomez and 920 m in the Sierra de la Buitreras.
Tree species of high forest: Nogales, pines, oaks, oaks, oaks, chestnut, cherry and fig trees. Cultivation is the traditional olive oil provides the highest quality. In the gardens near the village Vegetables of all kinds and fruit trees.
The meadows are an operating system in our town with a great resource, there are the oak, cork and oak. The tree is used to obtain wood and fruits such as acorns and land used for grazing which are of great nutritional value for livestock and dryland crops (rye, oats, etc.).
Arboreal species coppice the arbutus, heather, hip, jara, broom, thyme, rosemary, broom, Almarau, oregano, etc..

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